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The city under seat news of the taliban attacks put residents on edge meets. Otani is the owner of an antique shop. He says he hates the idea of the taliban taking over if they do who have to shut down his business debris another. I'd who know beyond from american to reach to corner. Not tourists would come to visit here if the taliban are in control. His harare is an ancient city with numerous historic sites. To see until recently sultani says he had enough visitors to stay in business. Now he's thinking about closing the shop an opening a restaurant. Maybe that would be more acceptable to the taliban rather than a business dealing with art and history. He says intense fighting in around. Harare continued through the weekend but afghan security forces claim to be beating back. The taliban advance flights resumed out of the city on sunday afternoon on the drive to the airport be passed the scene checkpoint where the young soldier honda was posted. It was nowhere to be seen. The place was deserted and the clear signs that a gunbattle had taken place. The world's sheriff ari there reporting from herat in western afghanistan sharon. We're going to hear more reporting from you about this week. Could tell us a bit more. I spoke with some women in have ought about how they're doing right now and about their concerns. I met some women who were recently displaced. They fled their homes after the taliban took over areas in western afghanistan. I also spoke with some young students. Who are part of afghanistan's robotics team and they study at the university in harare and they shared with me how they see their future now that the us is leaving the country. We'll hear more about that on friday really looking forward to the stores sharon. The world's sharon jafari thank you and welcome back. Thanks so much. China has been successful keeping the corona virus in check but now the delta variant is changing all that china is reporting more than five hundred cova cases across thirty cities for a nation of one point. Four billion people five hundred cases plus is still a really low number but there's growing concern that things will get worse. It's summer vacation season in china and people are on the move which means viruses could also be on the move. There was rebecca. Kantha is on the line with me from shanghai. Let's talk about wuhan where the pandemic began. The government is testing people there again. Now right what what's going on so remember. Wuhan is in central china. It's about a city of about eleven million people. You know when we say outbreak in china. Just keep in mind there. Only seven cases reported in on all of them are from people who traveled from other places in china like nanjing where the major outbreak is but officials. Here are taking this very seriously. They've said the entire city must be tested. I spoke with syrup lotto. She's a university researcher. Nuhan and she and her son lined up to get tested yesterday. They chop chop immediately like they didn't close overran. They close my area. Two million people you know in my subdistrict. The shops are open. So you can still go out and buy that but you know people are afraid so we stay unit and it's not just to han. There are restrictions in many cities now in china and a lot of flights and trains across the country are halted or being restricted right now. Two million people in one district of wuhan. You really get the sense of scale and the risk if this is travel season rebecca. What does that mean for. Chinese people who usually take time in the summer to go visit family or take a vacation so just scanning through my social media. I noticed people were talking about their situation. Some of them went on a trip traveled through a place where there are some cases. So they're stuck in quarantine or the place they went to has restrictions put in place. Another is they're stuck. They can't go home. I talked to this. American teacher named zack. Cuban he had to quarantine in the city of nanjing where the main outbreak was and there are more than two hundred cases there and he told me he was finally able to leave the city today after taking eight cova tests and this is a video. He sent me from the train station..

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