Texas, Rhonda Hart, Donald Trump discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


Team for example deploying trump in attempts at presidential style activities take his trip to texas this week to talk with relatives of the victims of the santa fe high school shooting trump spoke to a grieving parent rhonda hart her fourteen year old daughter was killed in this shooting well she says she suggested a donald trump that schools employ veterans and he responded an arm them and she replied no but related trump kept mentioning arming classroom teachers quote it was like talking to a toddler heart told the a p now over at the white house and we make it a practice to check in with them i can tell you generally these kind of stories are greeted with an objection that trump seems to be punished and criticized no matter what he does even if he does show up after a shooting he then gets pilloried for of course that assumes that trump had to act that way that he had to turn a listening tour with a grieving mother into this rhetorical back and forth leaving her with the impression she had an impression she has every right to share in a free society and that's the view tonight of one mother one civilian on an important story an important topic on of course her own family's well being but sometimes there are other people concerned about the nation's direction and they they begin to ask the broader question outside of any individual story we could tell you tonight they say wait a minute is all of this getting normalized is it getting worse there's an answer and a new assessment from the former cia director john brennan you may remember him working both with barack obama but three other presidents as well now this is interesting he's published his first op ed since leaving government and it's a statement worth reading at some length tonight the esteem with which i held the presidency was dealt a serious blow when donald trump took office brennan writes many have condemned my public criticism of mr trump arguing that as a former cia director i should bite my tongue my criticisms however are not political i've never been and will never be a partisan he writes i speak out for the simple reason that mr trump is failing to live up to the standards that we should all expect.

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