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Woodlock wily, Tom get anti-social Cotino mobile is that time for my favorite segment of got my Twitter off here. Twitter all casino kid. We'll make me do good. L Smith our social media managers here to walk us through these Twitter streets. Where are you at right here in the place to be, oh, that's Weser? Let me see that was the best the mid west combine shelter coach berkey from Warren central man, I can live with the gear. You can't get a national. Combine like you gotta break it up into sections. Chris area. Her less style. Everybody's favorite athlete. Lebron James who teases comeback with the calm before the storm Instagram posts, LeBron showed big and a huge win against Marcellus clippers flirting with a triple double and getting the Lakers game behind the clips for eight seed in the way of the hostile. Okay. One game account. Do you think of the bras legs into the playoffs? They can make some noise for sure. That is more. No could they go there. Second day. Say is always truth in joke. That wasn't a joke though. Oh because you laughed. Yes. I'm listening this LeBron James, and they go have me. Wondered tonight see right now if they're looking enough to be to AC and try and pass the clippers good luck with that. Even if you get guess who's going to be the one, I'll wait, I don't go to state. They ain't go. Do Jag us. Just go and get in the last time they've been in the playoff mix noise. I say get in make noise you're gonna make noise limits. You the noise he's me. Let me tell you them noises makes when he when they announced like an hour two hours for tip off. Lebron was playing that was the final sign that Anthony Davis is on his way to Los Angeles. I saw I thought LeBron playing SAD's on his way here. So I want you to game used to see how many fake hooks. He was given out. Boy, you got about KOMO days are days coupons couldn't hit a stock. If he no he don't. Who's horrible game Duke with tap, though. They hearts go. Boy, what wait is New Orleans. We're going. Hey, rain DVD player two year in jazz. In a really go bare reacting to all star snow today. Take a listen. Come crying. So..

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