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A lot of you out there have hearing issues not a not an uncommon problem at all. And I certainly struggled with for a long time, but didn't want to address it was kind of, in denial about it, but not anymore. I'm going to see Dr Christian keener and luminary. You've been hearing me talk about Christian for a while now, she is great to work with. She's made a big difference. For me, very compassionate. She kind of customizes her plan differently for every single client. She works with good idea, just to have your hearing valuated. Whether you think you have hearing issues are not a good idea to stab a baseline and keep track of it as you get older. Lot of hearing loss is just simply as you get older tonight. If Severi common problem that ringing in your ears, I have that she outfitted me with some amazing new hearing technology from audit. Con those hearing aids are no longer what they used to be by any stretch of the imagination very, small very street discreet. And very, very high tech that you control with an app on your phone. Even bluetooth enabled. You can even stream music pretty incredible stuff. Go see her. Kristen keener, illuminated five one two zero seven nine two one five eliminator. He'll be g news time is six thirty. Good morning. I'm Mark Caesar this update is brought to you by sonic, some Democrats, turn up the heat on Coles, or impeachment presidential hopeful. Cory Booker had been holding off on pushing for impeachment. But now says it must start immediately fellow-candidates. Seth Moulton says it should start today. House speaker, Nancy Pelosi's not ruling it out. Nothing is off the table. But Pelosi's insisting House Democrats continue methodically investigating the president before making any decisions we do wanna make such a compelling case such an ironclad kes- case that even the GOP led Senate will agree. It's the right move saga megani washing. President Trump says he knows nothing about a reported to request to move the USS John McCain, while the president was in Tokyo. According to a report, the White House wanted the US navy to move the USS John McCain during president Donald Trump's trip to Japan Wall Street Journal says it reviewed a may. Fifteenth Email from US Indo Pacific command official two US, navy and air force officials in the Email, the official said, USS John McCain needs to be out of sight responding to the story. Trump tweeted that he was not informed about anything having to do with the navy ship, USS John McCain during his recent visit to Japan. Trump feuded publicly with McCain for years. Mike cross, you washing Texas. Business leaders are heaping praise on the legislature. That's the Bill that Texas association of business CO Andre al-qatar calls a significant investment in education to prepare the future workforce, al-qatar says now a large percentage of students are not performing at a third grade level, which means they're not performing when they get to middle school in by the time to get your high schools. They have trouble performing and completing much of the work that allow them to be successful in the number of career pathway. He says the pre-k and it's included in the Bill also better help prepare students will be exposed to much needed tech skills earlier in their curriculum out Kintyre credits to state leader. Ship. Eric, like of NewsRadio KLBJ road, bypassing Hutto is under consideration in Williamson county. It's no secret how fast Williams and counties growing, and with that comes more traffic,.

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