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A highway crash near salona it happened just after five friday afternoon on westbound i seventy mile marker two fifty five between a passenger vehicle and a semi a highway patrol reports that a strong wind gusts caused an eastbound semi to go out of control and jack knife into the westbound lanes kalani with a passenger vehicle the man who died was identified as sixty year old harry taylor of selena driver the semi was not injured dan o'neill keagan ss news a few showers or thunderstorms around tonight clouds and are low near seventy four for monday partly sunny early and we might get a late day shower or thunderstorm going up to about ninety three showers and thunderstorms possible monday night and seventy four a better chance of rain on tuesday this is kay nss meteorologist steve hamilton currently in wichita mostly cloudy in eighty four degrees knx says news now i'm deb campbell overnight team you had better be prepared to be rob shock for rush limbaugh damn right i'm tracking that down the investigator infuriate right i have been on your side singularly focused unfair having all of this now levin until you because you have no idea what's coming wait till you hear this ninety seven and thirteen thirty s s corruption in washington dc thinking i think we've known that for a while she truth coming out fbi doj spied on the trump campaign the great awakening continues tell me how that's not worse than watergate that's problematic for me sean hannity and that's the way.

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