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They <SpeakerChange> get a hold of <Speech_Male> you? William <Speech_Male> can reach me <Speech_Male> W. my last <Speech_Male> name Skilton <Speech_Male> at Gyro <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> data <Speech_Female> dot com. <Speech_Female> Fantastic course you're <Speech_Female> on social <Speech_Female> media <Speech_Male> often. <Silence> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> GYRO data dot <Speech_Female> com is a great <Speech_Female> resource. <Speech_Female> I was just looking at <Speech_Female> it actually before our <Speech_Female> interview tells a <Speech_Female> lot about what your company <Speech_Female> does and very <Speech_Female> informative, so <Speech_Female> those are other ways to <Speech_Female> connect before <Speech_Female> we leave <Speech_Female> I've been. <Speech_Music_Female> Everyone I've interviewed <Speech_Music_Female> lately. Just tell me something <Speech_Female> good. <Speech_Female> That is happening that <Speech_Female> you're seeing and so I'd <Speech_Female> like for you to <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> share with us some. <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Tell us something good. <Silence> <Advertisement> That's happening <SpeakerChange> that you <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> see. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Kindness <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Male> Kindness I mean. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> We can all <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> get wrapped up in <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> our daily lives. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> It's that's easy. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Male> To do myself <Speech_Male> or <Speech_Music_Male> next door? Get <Speech_Male> wrapped up <SpeakerChange> in what's going <Speech_Male> on, but <Speech_Male> what I'm seeing is <Speech_Male> deeper level of kindness. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> I really <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> would like to see that. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Continue you <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> know. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> If anything this. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> This cove <Speech_Male> nineteen has taught <Speech_Male> us all <Speech_Male> that you know <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> what really <Silence> matters <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> are the <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> people obviously <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> and just be <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> kind. <Speech_Male> You know. <Speech_Male> A smile simple <Speech_Male> smile. <Speech_Male> Can Make Somebody's <Speech_Male> Day. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> We don't know what stress <Speech_Male> is other people <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> are going <SpeakerChange> through <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> so just be caught. <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Yes, <Speech_Female> absolutely I love <Speech_Female> that in West Texans <Speech_Female> are pretty <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> kind already. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Bet <Speech_Female> I would say <Speech_Female> out of all the <Speech_Female> places. I've lived. <Speech_Female> You know West Texans <Speech_Female> are just <Speech_Female> so kind <Speech_Female> and generous <Speech_Female> before Kovic, <Speech_Female> but you are <Speech_Female> right the kindness that <Speech_Music_Female> has just been coming out <Speech_Music_Female> and people helping people <Speech_Female> in coming together. <Speech_Female> It just continues <Speech_Female> in true <SpeakerChange> West Texas <Speech_Female> fashion, so <Speech_Female> thank you so much for saying <Speech_Female> that that's <Speech_Female> it. That's the conclusion <Speech_Female> of our interview. <Speech_Female> William unless there's anything <Speech_Female> else you'd like to add <Speech_Female> I just WanNa <Speech_Female> say thank you so much, <Speech_Female> and I want to let <Speech_Female> everyone know that. Of course <Speech_Female> they can reach out <Speech_Female> to you for more <Speech_Female> information on all the social <Speech_Female> media's <Speech_Female> and as we. <Speech_Female> Address <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> that thank you <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> I. Really Appreciate Your Time <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Today and <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> learn more about your <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> company. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Appreciated? <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Thanks for having <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> me. It was pleasure <SpeakerChange> to talk <Speech_Female> to you. <Speech_Female> Thank you so much. <Speech_Female> William and <Speech_Female> before we leave, we do <Speech_Female> want to announce today's <Speech_Female> community MVP <Speech_Female> and the MVP <Speech_Female> is protected <Speech_Female> the basin Dot Com. <Speech_Female> You can <Speech_Female> help stop high <Speech_Female> level nuclear waste <Speech_Female> from coming to the Permian Basin. <Speech_Female> The Permian <Speech_Female> Basin coalition <Speech_Female> of land royalty owners <Speech_Female> and operators is <Speech_Female> fighting to prevent <Speech_Female> massive <Speech_Female> quantities of high <Speech_Female> level, radioactive <Speech_Female> nuclear waste from <Speech_Female> coming to <Speech_Female> the base in by rail to <Speech_Female> be stored at the surface, <Speech_Female> largely <Speech_Female> unprotected <Speech_Female> for a long time in perhaps <Speech_Female> forever so. So <Speech_Female> there is a petition <Speech_Female> going around. You <Speech_Female> can go online <Speech_Female> to protect the base <Speech_Female> dot com <Speech_Female> for more <SpeakerChange> information, <Speech_Female> and that <Speech_Female> concludes this week's Permian <Speech_Female> perspective. <Speech_Female> The story behind the <Speech_Female> oil and gas leaders in <Speech_Female> the Permian Basin <Speech_Female> a very special. <Speech_Female> Thank you to Baker <Speech_Female> Hughes for Sponsoring <Speech_Female> Permian perspective <Speech_Female> as <Speech_Female> many Baker Hughes <Speech_Female> recently launched <Speech_Female> a new and reimagined <Speech_Female> Baker Hughes brand, <Speech_Female> and as an <Speech_Female> energy technology <Speech_Female> company, they strive <Speech_Female> to make energy safer, <Speech_Female> cleaner <Speech_Female> and more efficient for <Speech_Female> people and <Speech_Female> the planet. <Speech_Female> Remember <Speech_Female>

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