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Jackets giving the puck from the face off. Nick, Felino Redline. Lays it into the capital zone. Little shove the Dmitri Orlov Orlov got the puck over the matinee. Back were off ahead. The Brett Connolly. Probably wrote send it into the gang itself. To the far wall. My Travis Boyd comes out the Tonle Seth Jones putting him against the boards. Still fuckers loose rolling around. That'd be Pollino that brings it out. And he gives it to Josh Anderson pick up escape. Washington zone. Anderson goes to get it knocked off the puck by Dmitry Orlov. Capital set it up the left wing side. And the puck went in the air and out of play. Leaves the ice into the crowd that goes twelve twenty six. What's left the play here in regulation? Jacket scored a goal one minute into the first period. And been able to score since they've now been out twenty seven fifteen. Extra against do Baugh. Capitals. Control. The puck. Carlson to Jacob Borana. In the air. It's taken away. Capital zone dot Carlson up the right wing side. It's off the stick of PJ. Oh, she Harrington takes the pocketing playing around Oshii. No. She got his legs of the way that sends it back down into the boot jagged zone out Verana coming around behind the net. Faintest direction fact behind the net with the puck on the four aunt converged upon by both Harrington and Kuchen heritage folks the puck up the side, and we'll do not get it out shop or the net gets blocked. And played off the glass and swung across the ice. By Atkinson for Pinera gives it through the war with our shot copley's there to make the state with stick. He quickly pounces on the rebound. Great job by Cam Atkinson, firing that pass all the way across the ice to our. The blue jackets could get one more goal in this game. They will have scored twice of the blue gang. Scored twice. You get half price pizza. The next day at Papa John's use the promo code jackets. Fifty Papa John's dot com. The left wing circle of the capital's in Washington wins. It. Bookstore. Up through the nucleus of couse. Nets off dumps it behind the blue jackets. Pasallah moves to Savard bouncing puck back through the neutral zone. Out here. Come the blue jackets on the four. Check to see if they can force a turnover Felino does get it. And who Jenner takes a shot from angle and was able to get a piece of it and send it over the glass and the foreign Horner. Lebanon nine is what's left in the third period? A lot of time left in this game. And the capitals, I'm sure they feel as though they're starting to come to life. They are getting good opportunities. They are getting good looks. But they haven't been able to get on the board yet. Kevin standard. We'll take the face off against LARs Eller. Stanley puts to the near wall. Winberg trying to get some control of it for the blue jackets with the Mitri Orlov cuts him off. And it gives the puck Matt Diskin new gains red line back hands the puck into blue zone. Got there. First. Puck is now cleared out for the neutral zone noodle arm with a pass ahead for declare jumped off his stick settle down with the glove. Now turns tries to make a pass that got locked Kevin Stanton. Takes the puck against large Eller Stellan holding his own but Eller finally gained some possession here that clears it out to the neutral zone. Capital? Send the puck all the way across the ice. Neatly talkative Jackson. With the center and attempt doesn't go anywhere. The bar wall and fired to the right point off the stick a Matt Niskanen look set to beat to the loose puck set like with a shot is made by Copley. Rebound five Riley. Should he shot his stop as well? This guy comes off the bench, and he won't give up anything. Good job though, by set lack Nash get a couple of shots on net. There. Happy with himself. He got in tight on the goaltender. But he had the added goes fast as it. Good all the way up the ice just to get to the park. Once it gets there. It's at the face off dot lovely certainly trying to come across the top of the grease didn't really happy angle to do that. He's pretty much into the grease. Running himself out of room. It's just the nature of the place. It's not a fault. It's just how it worked out. Capitals have the puck and they come up to the neutral zone. John carlson. Give to Michael Kennedy is shot is caught by corporate solid who holds onto it. Just like that kills the play with exactly ten minutes remaining in the third period. Halfway through this period with the blue jackets leading one nothing. Debris on the ice. Capitals camping's asking lines the pick up. Jenner just got waived out of the face off against the presents. Pollino assignment. Now. Pollino, winds Renske to Savard up the ice. Josh anderson. Cannot get around. Michael can't be as it's going to result. In a nice goal against the blue jackets. Josh. Been all over the place. Good way. Fantastic. Tankage win the draw once again. Kerensky upside off the stick of Felino dumps and over to Tom Wilson Wilson will bring it in Wilson crossed. The icy mist on a pass. And the puck comes off the far wall Felino gets it. Again, it goes no further than the red line before passes picked off by Washington. John carlson. Get acoustic his skate for the comfortable. Veteran with long pass up the top off. He tries to send it across the ice. Ovechkin lost the handle on it right after Todd Wilson lost the handle on it. That was a great score chance for the capitals. They've got nothing out of them. Ninth thirteen remaining regulation gag wanted out the capitals back in their own zone stretch. Pass ahead Annika tips. Support for solid will go behind the that logic to the far wall at Aaron today ahead to the walk. The icy comes into two on what would that interfere looked at walk? Couldn't pass it across Atkinson now gets anyplace in heartlessly through the crease caucus dropped on the end boards by Bennie Pinera Brooks orbit goes to get. And now it's back to the CAP's defence Nick for the middle of the ice. Find Travis boy over to the birthday Smith Pelly. He's taken to the board. San is put by Atkinson ahead to do Bob and his pass intended for Perrin was picked off eight and a half to go. It's up. My one wanted the game here in the nation's capital all pass through the neutral zone picked off by Alexander Wedderburn. He throws it ahead. Timmy parents still on the ice back to the blue line set. Jones get the on the half all across the ice in the past two straw off. The stick Marcus instead of IRA Stanley, not a Wynberg out of the blue line Jones says it wide. Smith Pelly tried to clear the Joan noodle bar stops. That attempt finally gets to the bench and they finish line change with Anthony declare out there. Big tie up on the left wing boards. Smith pelly. Alexander went bird. Has the puck free. Are the ones that haven't ended is nNcholas across the bookstore. Pick up the right wing side PJ, oh, she his passed to the middle. Broken up by the blue jackets, send Senate ahead. Declare will just steer at the end of the capital's puck with a far wall. Bjork strand gets there that loses control and here comes the capital T J O up the right wing side as he pulls up. He loses an edge. He got hit in fell down. There is no penalty. There should be a penalty. Back into the blue jackets all they were ranch. He puts it off the glass and back to the capitals blue line Seventy-nine remaining here in the third period of getting nets up all the right wing side gets around Baranowski pressure drop a pass back. Luke. It's got a piece of it. Now with a shot from the blue line and the puck deflected off his stick. And it went over the glass. Six minutes. Fifty seven seconds left in the third period and the.

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