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You're on the Ben Ferguson show. Hi. Thanks for letting me contribute. Yeah. I think with a lot of with a lot of these dumb ideas. Liberals have they kind of keep laying in wait. And you have to look at the timing of things as they bring him to the forefront. I think what this is the push for the fifteen dollar minimum wage is sort of a side doorway for ten to perhaps sandbag and sabotage and full wrench into Trump's economy. That's woven. So good. Because they understand that the evil capitalists to employ all the minimum wage workers are not going to pay all those same wonders fifteen dollars. What will happen? Is probably seventy or eighty percent of those workers will be sent home without pay and wander have jobs. And so you'll see skyrocketing of the unemployment numbers just in time for either twenty twenty election or the twenty twenty four election, when you know, a lot of the general public is gonna be looking at Trump, as you know, the gosh steering the economy so to speak and blame him directly for those new unemployment figures that are associated with this increase minimum wage everywhere that we've seen as fifteen dollars minimum wage. The unemployment numbers go down. They went up because people lost their jobs. And so, you know, I think what they're looking at when that reflects action takes place, and you have automation as you pointed out with the tablets the restaurants and the various kiosks where seeing more and more of what they'll do is turn and look back and try and point. The finger again at the evil capitalist. You know are too stingy to pay a fair wage. And so they've laid off all these, you know, low low wage workers instead of paying them the ridiculous fifteen dollars an hour. Well, and then there's automated I mean, I today I went to Cosco, and I noticed that they've even put in automation where you pay now for the food. Everybody's going to automation. And that means it's going to cost people jobs, absolutely. It's just it's just how it works. Thank you, brother. Nice to talk to you. And I appreciate the phone. Call five three five nine seven three to five three five nine seven three two Marshall writes in and says, Ben as a minimum wage employees just one year ago, I can tell you. It's not enough to live off. I am in favour fifteen dollars minimum wage because people like me deserve to not live in poverty. You don't know what it's like, actually, it's not true. I have worked for minimum wage. I absolutely know what it's like to work minimum wage now. I didn't do it as an adult because I did everything I could to make sure that I wasn't stuck making minimum wage. Sometimes you go backwards in life. I do get that. I totally understand that. Sometimes you go backwards. I get it. Sometimes you do that. You go backwards. But if you think your whole life, this is what it should cost. Are you should a live off of it? That's just crazy talk. I mean for for me. That's just.

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