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San Bernardino Fifty-seven in Glendale fifty nine and Lancaster forty six degrees. It is seven oh seven two people are dead after a rollover crashed in Hyde Park. The accident happened just after nine Saturday morning as a vehicle lost control rolled over and crashed into a building on west sixty six place near Crenshaw boulevard. It flipped on its back on its side. I landed off right under that building. With both the driver. The passenger rejected. Police say they were both dead at the scene. The crash also caused an all thing in front of the building laughs the building is a vacant store. The crash also sheared a fire hydrant and knocked down a street light. Investigators say the driver may have been speeding, rob Archer KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. Couple of hundred residents who are impacted by the woolly fire attended recovery meeting at Pepperdine today. Those who lost their homes in the destructive fire say they just can't seem to get things moving along when it comes to actually rebuilding. There are so many things to think about water roads services. How fast things will be accomplished seems to be moving along. But he says it's taking longer than expected. Another Malibu resident who lost everything in the fire says, the informational meetings, are helpful. But in his opinion officials don't seem to have all the answers victims need right now. It's confusing. You have to really dig into what people say and what the authorities are presenting. In fact, he says those who were impacted by the Wolsey fire. There have been meeting on their own almost daily to brainstorm and share ideas, and what they've learned about rebuilding. And he says without that support. He'd be totally lost Cooper Rummell KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. There's been interested. Now after a disturbing picture was taken outside the hobby of north Hollywood. It showed a man with his face covered holding a machete in a threatening manner. Rabbi Nachman ob- end tells tells CBS to this was the second disturbing incident at that synagogue in the past few months when I read these things happen. It's a wake up call for everybody. And it puts everybody on edge to a certain extent. But we know that we can't we don't live in fear. We gotta continue moving on rabbi. Abba.

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