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We know what's better for you than you to. I'm sure from well. Certainly society came from a deeply christian point of view. And i find it written several novels and christianity. My dad was an atheist and my mother was a catholic. So i brought up with kind of a foot in each camp. The christianity certainly had a huge impact on the early colony in australia. Oh you mentioned you wanted to write a response to cape book. The santa river. You seem to feel that the story of the massacre that happens at the end there imply that all the people had been wiped out of it. Yeah what is the truth of that. A couple of skirmishes one in eighteen hundred three doubtfuls courage on where possibly twelve aboriginal men were killed in. What was a battle over some furniture outside a property. Called clarendon and they were definitely incursions into what settles loud if you think. This is the first area of settlement after sydney town. We're talking from seventeen hundred right through the earliest place of settlement because it became a breadbasket for growing wheat and corn. And i've actually got ancestors who world so convict ancestors settled out there at that time so as someone once said to me and my family double stain doubled shame. See if got the convict ancestry and the average line sestri together. So i don't feel that i feel great pride in in both sets events ancestry characters novel by stone. Real dark figures like marie lauck. Who was melissa. Marie lauck actually tell we're related to by berridge often. Blunts you'd finally do all of your genealogy around sydney find that nearly every every she'll families related to every other aboriginal family in some form. Marie lauck was the first aboriginal woman in australia to have a land grant which actually received from her brother. Colby who've been one of the guides for the troops out in western sydney employed by lachlan macquarie to go hunt down average. People who'd been attacking farms actually has a kind of a tragic background. That story in eighteen. Seventeen it was. A massacre of aboriginal people on gun gara country. Several of the original men like neurology were part of the people who led the troops to the gun and country and then fled but nevertheless there was a massacre were. Many many under are people were thrown off the mountain but it's a very specific massacre which is honored and respected by calling gara people. Every year people remember that massacre the quite different to what was taught in the same river and the chief rupees new book angry three. I'm related to chief bungary. 'cause mary battle her sister in law is actually the great granddaughter of teeth. Bungary and chief bungary. He's son bowen. Bungary live dot com beach quite close to broken. Who was bungary fungal. read chief. Bungary was met by lachlan macquarie..

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