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Okay it was actually the school if went okay and actually they say he was one of the smartest people that walked those halls And so they When fidel castro to gawronski enough he kicked out all the priests in the catholic church so the jesuits moved from cuba from havana. Cuba to miami and started this can continue the actual school it just it just moved. Wow just move but really the the jesuits focused on you know volunteering. Like i mentioned earlier education Helping the needy you know basically. The selfishness selfless Type of perspective Which nowadays is hard to do with social media and everything. And what's going on in the world but i go back to those days at belen. Jesuit antler yola. Remind myself of you know what i learned what i experience with with with the different different priests and of course my my friends and colleagues yeah. Did you speak spanish and english after school. Absolutely so Yep spanish classes of migrant parents spoke. spanish My parents certain extent would speak spanish as well And and then when i I continued spanish in college. I also you know Picked up portuguese ryan. And then i lived in antiga in i was in international. Private banking had a great opportunity to travel in america which was great for my spanish. Immersion is important right. It was great for my spanish Anita anita practice. Yes me fanny great. Okay so let's talk about going to loyola new orleans and continued this same worldview perspective on your education. That's what drew there right absolutely. I mean there was a few reasons. Several my friends from belen jesuit also went to so we went as kind of like a team. I love food. I love culture. I love their certainly santa to new orleans advantages. I was there for five years. Probably one year more than should have been But you know there were some similarities to miami Different cultures and different backgrounds influenced spanish influence. French influence the tremendous amount of history in and they also had some great scholarship programs. Which you know we were able to take advantage of and their business. School was excellent They have a great because of the port system agreed international business program. Many of the students that were in the program from other countries which which i loved And it was..

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