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It starts to go downhill. Kitschy some human. For crying out loud. That'll phillies backup. Don't move more Coleman show coming right up. Welcome back we continue on helping you get clear. So that, you can. Answer the age old question what should I do with my life? Get Clear on the three indicators What you do best talent, what work you love to do most your passion, the results of your work that matter most to you your mission. Where they intersect. That's your sweet spot. That's your contributions. If you want to call to at and folks, it's waiting for you to step into it. All you gotTa do is do the work of getting clear eight, four, four, seven, four, seven, two, five, seven, seven, one of the things we love to do our Monday shows. Is give updates to you the listener on other listeners. We like to call it our momentum Monday segment and we put out the call. We said look that everybody's walking in their dream job but many of you are making progress and we want to celebrate you. And in celebrating you encourage others. Who are going? Hey, I made that progress I'm making that stuff. So just the smallest amount of progress email us ask at Ken Coleman Dot Com ask a coma calm and we will get you into our momentum Monday segments, which is.

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