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And holes say throw the boat with it flex i saw this take your out of the lake tahoe billy together come those are the best commercials ever could've totally done a commercial with this turtle tortoise billy why they miss the mark man and i'm sure i wouldn't have cost them four grand could've done it flex what's the role of that stuff plus you get this free right pencil and if you call now they're double your offer and you're gonna get free shipping elon musk this guy okay let's think about elon musk okay first of all he's got tesla he's got spacex he's got the boring company that's this tunneling venture we're gonna we're gonna build tunnels under los angeles and driver cars there i mean he's he's incredible yup solar city i mean and then oh let's let's be financial wizards solar city and tesla together that way if you buy a tesla gets solar city on your roof hey charged it up now the guys the guy is i mean he's got hyperloop genius neuro link another one of his it's and he's not that old i mean his mind this is a guy his mind doesn't stop he's on the cutting edge of everything and i like them also because he wears star trek clothing he's looking at this guy he's thirty seven okay so there's an email to thirtyseven thousand tesla employees and it's been leaked reveals his top six productivity tips to succeed at work okay you ready for this one i love this some of you will identify with this hugely one get rid of big meetings he says excessive meetings are the blight of big companies almost always get worse over time please get out of all large media come on those everybody knows i'm not going to get personal with our company everybody knows you have those those all hands on deck meetings right and got to be there and the pipe pipe in some boss from back east to talk to you over satellite nothing ever gets done to those things those are the biggest waste of productivity.

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