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To the weather center and chief meteorologist craig allen they expect a clear sky or clearing across the area for tonight sixty five to seventy and about sixty in the suburbs and then a couple nice sunny days eighty to eighty five four tomorrow eightyfive on saturday those today's not too humid as we get on into sunday the humidity does increase mid eastern near ninety and eighty five tonight very warm very humid monday right now in the city we have the the sunshine mixed with a few clouds is currently seventy eight humidity fifty five percent and the southeast breeze at nine i'm craig allen and the wcbs weather center five fifty on the afternoon roundup new study finds a lot of drivers are using their phones while driving even when they have kids in the car bloomberg's digital editor joshua petri is on our newsline joshua who conducted this study and what did they find the study was conducted by each hospital philadelphia and the university of pennsylvania school of mercy that about half of parents are still using their phone while driving eaten with children in the car half wow what about hands free technology that they study you look add is that any safer he did not specifically examine handsfree technology however the study was limited to actions parents took while physically driving in a moving vehicle using their hands this is focused more on texting tweeting scrolling through instagram etc and this was a survey that people are responding to so i guess one could probably safely assume that the number may be higher maybe not everyone was truthful perhaps not everyone is truthful of course people generally are truthful when it comes to the surveys but yes of course some people may have given incorrect responses but the problem is still alarming understand the study also looked up the use of child safety seats over the numbers there fourteen point five percent of participants admitted that they did not always use a child restraint system that group of parents also more likely to engage in other risky.

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