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He's doing. All right. That's good crap odd. This is good crap. And by the end of the episode, he's laying in the corner bake do totally because he's tested everything. Yeah. He raises said, you know, what he says? Oh, man. I can't believe chickens wear suspenders. Where did they come from? Funny. I can't stop laughing now. All right. We're going to talk a little caravan. I'm gonna talk some gun control. And after Kathy I need to go into a diatribe about New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and the comment that he made at the top of the hour. Join Fox News. We'll get into that in just a second. But let me pick up Kathy. Hey, kathy. Happy halloween. My dear welcome, welcome. To the end Connery show. Welcome to this Mensa meeting. Welcome. I'm coming back from king again. All right. You mentioned the caravan. As a conservative. I think I should help people. All right. So off of my credit card every month. I give to wounded warriors and Doctors Without Borders. Yeah. You know, that type of thing. Well, I got the latest. Issue. It's like, it's free sedation magazine. And it talked about the caravan, and that's giving medical help to those people free of charge. All right. And I thought well, how lovely and then I got to the next aircraft. They're blaming. Blaming president. Yup. Claiming trump. Hey, kathy. Are you in? I appreciate the call. Are you in game watching mode by any chance? No, no. You're not. All right. Well, I do appreciate the call. And I want to talk about all your points that you just made night Br. And I guess you cut them off your credit card, which I smell that comment. And it's interesting now, this is where we. We may differ a little bit. You remember when the first caravan was heading towards the southwest couple of years ago. And I said, well, if we got kids at the Puertas and people are just suffering in there. They need some medical attention. I was like it might be a good idea. If we helped them out here, you know. Obviously Mexico who by the way offered a lot of the caravan. Work visas, and they also offer them asylum in Mexico. No takers, by the way. No, thanks. We're going to go to what do you? Call the United States a little better deal up there. And I don't like Jake Elwood. Well, just reported on that. But he did. And and I just I find it. Incredible. The disingenuousness of the entire movement the entire operation. It's disingenuous. This is a political fueled movement here. And it's again, some people are banking on helping the Democrats. I say it's going to go against I say, it's going to reenergize a lot of Republican voters out there like it is really isn't historically, we lose seats. Maybe we don't have to lose a lot of seats in the house of representatives. And as time goes by. I I don't have Menendez has a shot at keeping his seat in the I really don't know how that's possible. You have. When the FBI decided decided to do three o two's and do follow ups not with Hillary, but on the Menendez trial. Thank you. Appreciate that. And very strong cooperating evidence that the Menendez hang out with the Senator Menendez hanging out with sixteen year olds. This guy is a shot of keeping his gig. I mean, how is that possible? But if you like that kind of thing, it's okay. Whereas my suck. Seven nine nine eleven thirty seven nine nine eleven thirty toll free eight hundred three eight nine four seven six. I want to talk a little bit about mayor Bill de Blasio, a former communist now, he pretend not to be communist, mayor of New York City. He fought with the Sandinistas. Do I need to say anymore. Okay. Just figured I'd throw it out there. This man just had the audacity to say, we don't not need firearms at houses of worship. Mr mayor. There have been firearms outside of New York City houses of worship and inside the New York City houses of worship for thirty forty years. When the NYPD is affecting security operations outside of a house of worship, we call it. The Howie Carr the house of worship vehicle. And having worked in the seventy first precinct in crown heights. Brooklyn at seven seventy eastern Parkway was the world headquarters for the Lubavitch Jewish Jewish sect. There. I know I know there are numerous personnel at Saint Patrick's cathedral, retired police officers and detectives and bosses who worked security at Saint Patrick's. This is what the left does when they think they're not going to get checked. And they're great nightmare is a guy. Like, Dan Connery, a former member of the New York City police department and a retired detective who could tell you right now. I hand what's going on? This guy's a pathological. Degenerate left-wing democrat communist liar. Pathological? Donate guns yet. We do let's say you believe in gun control. Let's say you believe in the likes of Lyon Blumenthal, who by the way, new UN trend has posted here publicly on Facebook. Thank you for the words on Blumenthal, Dale, I'm so angry with the crap like that. Because people like me who would love to say, thank you to a true Vietnam veteran and not waste my time with scum like this. And my pleasure, brother. I appreciate that. It's when you have a person who's willing to lie like this. And they don't think anybody's gonna check them. I check you. You know in here, Milwaukee we loved the trolley. Hey, everybody. Hey kids. We've put on my sweater machines will get the Charlie to come out. Jeff, you think when I'm thinking. About the trolley. I just figured I'd throw at and seven nine nine eleven thirty seven nine nine eleven thirty toll free eight hundred eight three eight nine four seven six if you want to take away the willingness and the ability and the unhinged approach that a lot of bad people have towards houses of worship in America. Today. Do you did you see any more meetings or gatherings get together at the at a cartoon writing contest in Texas? Yeah. You remember that we're two guys got lit up almost immediately when they were walking. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry, fellows, you're in Texas now more on what? Celebrating betas betas knowing he got a big endorsement money. Fatos ain't gonna win you know, that nine now willy willy take down the margin a little bit. Yeah. I don't think he's going to get a Trump level victory there. But I think he's going to do. Ok Ted Cruz is gonna do fine. But I am nervous about the house. I am nervous. I I'll be the first to tell you. Degenerate movement, a political move into this country that is the democrat party. They don't tell you what they're going to do you need healthcare. We need to leave a shallow healthcare alone. Yes. Sorry. Obama got his communist movement going there. But thank God. We the American people stopped at the next congressional election. You lost sixty three seats, by the way. Democrats. I don't see that happen in a week from Tuesday. And. Yeah. It is what it is. It's just I wish people would wake up to the reality of what the democrat party has become if you think Cortez. And Bernie and Hillary is still a future. All right, fine. Yeah. You mix the two you may you mix elderly with a nice youthful approach to communism. It's a pretty interesting dynamic collectible, you could just say the word morons. More raw say the word with me morons. I know a lot of friends on the left to say the word moron or accusatory. Maybe some people are stupid NAR society. That's just so accusatory. It's a brilliant sensitive. I don't care who's offended anymore. I really don't. The health of this country is what I'm worried about the future of this country is what I'm worried about. And if you want the bills to keep getting paid in cities across America that have been destroyed by the democrat party, then you need to put the Republicans back in office. So we can keep generating money to send you checks because nobody has the Koenigs yet to cut off those checks yet. If that's what you like. Suck. If you like that kind of thing is, okay. Seven nine nine eleven thirty toll-free. We could do that for you eight hundred. Hey, three eight nine four seven six Jeff. We have too many requests you're going to have to get some serious production work before the end of this show because they heard it. Now, they got I'll come on being being. Hey, everybody wanna watch me change, my sweater. And my shoes. My slippers. Let's go to Chuck online one who's been very very patient. Hey, chuck. How you doing your other Dan Connery show? Welcome. Thanks for your time. Go right ahead. Chuck from west Allis. What are you doing man answered the phone? Hi, hi. I'm sorry were. Trick or treating today and took the cheater. Order growing and everybody vote red revoke Mary Scott Walker. Sensenbrenner Joe fan pool. Fall. All of your and I love your terminology. The democratic communist party. That's what they've become. It's not an exaggeration anymore. All they're turned down signs left. And right now, I'm trying to replace some of them on important corners. But I've never seen this kind of hatred. In the past. I think this is going to be storing midterm election. I think the numbers I think the the closeness of the race. Forget about a wave the wave is out. Now that's done. But I do believe it's neck and neck. And that's that's where I I could concerned it's going to be close and everybody it's not about it getting out the vote. Way do that, Dan. And God bless you shelf for all that you do. And you know what? Chuck, I want to repeat something you just said Leah Volkmar governor, Scott Walker's Sensenbrenner Sanfilippo a Republican out there. Korea Dalkia younger. That's right. Yeah. Let's let's make sure that name gets said Leah's fighting an uphill battle. I want you to go to Lee, MIR dot com and go to Glen Grossman dot com, and you can donate as little as twenty five bucks. This last several days it's gonna count that money's gonna count. We gotta buy some ads because the the the Pac money that is supplying the democrat ads, and they're very effective. I might add we gotta while rail against that. We gotta get a guest that and fight against it. Every step of the way, it is a hearing people. The ads are scaring people. And. Yup. Brad shovel Brad Schimmel. Let's not forget Brad Schimmel either. We got a vote for Brad Schiphol as well. I don't believe the lies. The is throwing my God. I mean, you look at the coal, and you look at the George Soros money coming into the coal campaign. They have their own, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars again against Glenn growth. He's got to fight lies every every single day. And he's fighting an uphill battle. A very close race Glenn Grossman dot com. You want to donate twenty five bucks or two hundred bucks feel free Leoluca dot com. Red button on the right hand side of her website. Just click on that. And they'll give you the amount you can donate. It's very very important and before Chuck appreciate the call today, pal. Thank you, brother. Appreciate it. And and Jeff, you know, do you like trolleys, Jeff, I love trolleys. And it's important that we we celebrate the trolley here. All right.

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