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But Arizona's summers can be tough on electric bills at APS we can help you get ready for summer. Make sure you're on the plan. That's right, for your family and don't wait have your AC unit. Check today, sign up for budget billing and pay about the same amount each month, and for qualified customers you need help with their Bill. We offer discounts. And others systems programs. APS we're working to keep Arezzo power, clean, reliable, and affordable. It's Gaydos, and I've got some very exciting news. You've heard me talk about Stephanie Fullerton and the team at fortune financial planning right here in the valley, and how they can help you prepare for retirement. Well, Stephanie Fullerton. The president and founder of fortune financial planning is hosting renounce speaker and nine time New York Times bestselling author David Bach. He and Stephanie, we'll talk about David's new book, the lot factor, and you can attend. Text the word seminar, two four one one nine two three. For more information you'll learn how making a few small financial changes could radically change your life. They'll also dive into the current state of the markets and how it affects you don't miss this opportunity to see Stephanie Fullerton of fortune financial planning and David Bach and get some of your questions answered about how to plan for retirement this special event is one night only. Thursday may thirtieth at the pure heart church England at six. PM call six to three nine seven four zero three hundred for tickets or just text the word seminar. Two four one one nine two three Arizona's news station. KTAR news on ninety two three FM, KTAR dot com and streaming live on the KTAR.

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