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Live from npr news in washington i'm barbara klein north korean leader kim jong hoon is planning a second diplomatic step outside his country after this week secret meeting in beijing npr's elise hugh reports kim and is south korea's president moon jaein have agreed to hold a summit on april twentyseventh negotiators from the rival koreas settled on this date after daylong talks on the north korean side of their shared interkorean village the summit between mood and kim will take place in the same small border area inside the dmz south korea's envoy did not say whether the nuclear issue will be on the agenda the april twenty seven summit will mark the first meeting of leaders of the two koreas since two thousand seven since becoming leader kim jong un hadn't previously met any other head of state until this week when he visited china's xi jinping at least hugh npr news soul president trump has fired veterans affair secretary david schulkin npr's scott horsely reports trump is nominating the white house doctor take over the position ronnie jackson is not one of the names it's been whispered in recent weeks as a possible replacement is va secretary the white house physician and navy admiral is not a regular on cable tv where the president seems to do much of his recruiting jackson's most famous tv appearance was a white house briefing in january where he read out the results of trump's recent physical he pronounced the president in good health but said trump could stand to lose some weight as va secretary jackson will be responsible for the health care of some nine million veterans it'd be a big jump in scale and scope for the west texas native who specializes in emergency medicine before coming to the white house jackson served with the navy bomb disposal unit and instructed an underwater salvage team scott horsely npr news the white house the world's youngest nobel laureate malala yousafzai arrived in her native pakistan today her first visit there since taliban militants shot her in the head more than five years ago yousef sei met with the pakistani prime minister today and addressed activists for women and education not just giving volks in building a school i think thinking critically thinking of sustainable ways in.

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