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A difference in their life and the lives of their family so they just start down that someone would leave a. Successful practice to try to make a, difference in. Their lives, and it's it appears. To be very very meaningful the Hines mobile attended a tour as. He calls it begins in Genesee county Hines who calls himself an outsider wants to bring his reform plans to. Fix, Michigan's auto insurance in the road straight to the people meantime Wayne State university president m ROY Wilson hitting the, road today on his bike for a tour of Michigan cities WJ's city Beat reporter Beth Fisher has this is the second year for the road warrior bicycle tour and Wilson will ride, five hundred. Miles with stops in Marshall Holland Awasa when Imlay city. To meet, with alumni residents and prospective students we just talk about higher Ed about about Wayne State about what it is that they want. It out of their public institution of higher. Education and what their what their goals would be for themselves or their other kids Wilson says it's. Important to get different perspectives from other areas of the state since they're getting more students from all over Michigan than. In years past Beth Fisher WW j., NewsRadio nine. Fifty a, big tech upgrade for. Students at Lawrence tech university in Southfield the school based in Southfield. Is spending two and a half million dollars to replace the laptops for more than thirteen hundred students this fall. Along, with seventy thousand dollars worth of software per student this year all of the engineering students will be getting new, laptops there Jitsu is fairly high end a laptop. With tablet capability so they can do notes and so forth also in addition to. Their designs and then next year we'll probably be waiting and replacing all the equipment for architecture this year we also replaced all the MAC books that's Lawrence Tech's chief information officer Tim.

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