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Chris. Impact on the healthcare resources for Palestinians, the host system released in jeopardy, Palestinians care systems largely on donor aid. So as long as as long as the refugee status remains, and you've got several million people within Palestine in the surrounding areas who hold refugee cards than they need fronting from unrelated to provide their healthcare. There's only one hospital and tie world stay to to the large trilogy population. And that's the small hostile and calculate. They can't provide here. And most people can access hospital. So what they do is unreal pays for health care for their refugees and hospitals on the West Bank in Israel. Hospitals, Jordanian Lebanese Syrian to wherever they're are holding refugee cards than unruly friends, their healthcare. So any significant. Decrease the funding of unreal has a direct impact on the healthcare resources for Palestinians. Following this conversation with Dr MacRae as a law student with little knowledge of healthcare systems. It was shocking to learn about the true impact a in funding like this one can have on healthcare specifically in regards to accessible hospitals. So now we are left with questions of what comes next. What is the future of Palestinian refugees? How unruly continue to perform its duties will another country step in. It is clear that the refugee community in Palestine needs support the unremarked Commissioner general issued a statement on January sixteenth of this year volleying the decision to cut funding, and I will end with some of his final thoughts. He said that the situation of refugees in Palestine is far too serious to indulge in despair, unrest dance for hope, respect ending, nitty, and he encompassed this glimpse of hope in the end of his statement. Joining strengthen the Palestinian refugees who have taught us that giving up is simply not an option. And therefore even in the wake of a bird in like this one unroll will not give up either. Thank you. That was reached pecul- ski with her report on Trump administration, cuts to the UN agency that provides services refugees throughout the world. This episode of life of the law was produced in partnership with law professor Karla mcandrew's immigration law students at Vanderbilt law school. We wanna thank professor mcandrew's for reaching out to life of the law and her students. Joshua mention s- Amina Greco and Rachel. Cole sqi visit our website life of the law dot org to hear more stories by mcandrew's law students on refugee law, Tony Gannon produce this episode with associate producer, Andrea Hendrickson, Andrea composed the music in this episode with additional music by Alex blank or social media editor is Rachel Caine. We'd love to hear from you. Tell us your story sent an Email to connect at life of the law dot org. Each time we publish a new episode. We send everyone who subscribed to our new. Letter a behind the scenes. Look at life of the law that includes notes from our reporters and news about upcoming episode 's. You can subscribe on our website life of the law dot org this week, Joshua's immune a- and Rachel share their experience producing their first audio story. And if you're a law professor or law student, let us know if you're producing or considering producing audio stories about the law in all our lives. We're listening. Life of the law is a nonprofit project of the tide center, and we're part of the panoply network of podcasts from slate can also find life of the law on PR public radio exchange. We hope you'll take a minute to support production episodes like this one on refugee law, go to our website life of the law daughter. The support button is on the homepage. Your donation helps cover the direct production costs of our upcoming episodes. Like the next episode on lawyers who practice immigration law. And immigration law as complexes as bankruptcy law and some as that you have to find your way through and you need someone who really knows the law that's next on life of the loan. I'm Nancy Mullane. Thanks for listening.

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