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You cannot be a singer yet. They do that to jennifer hudson. How do have been able to be fat if they could get slimmer shore but they don't stop bay career. The knicks been able to give fat especially the singers. Big luther If they had the talent they weren't stopping them from having careers where women they were stopping different. So the point is. I think it's just a different pressure. That women are under that men are not under is not saying that. They are not fully often under being scrutinized about their bodies absolutely. They have some But they just have more wiggle room. They just have more The spectrum of what they could be and be successful is wider. They can be. They can have a little belly they can have a little. You know i'm saying without being judged in the same way and still have a level success even with some strengthening like the ges are open about having like we fat hairy kuchis bug versus if you are assist format man. It'll be like not no he. You'd give a pass on. Have big very putz is true up. Now you brought it together. I didn't know why you're bringing up. But now i see what you're talking about though is more fit in tonight as to not have the bush win once you transition you can just be pushed out. Yeah okay. I i wish there like had some glasses like i figure like a sites is the make some glasses to wear if somebody like whip privileged Had somebody who has privileged when they put them on they can see the ship. Your legs don't worry you don't have to explain 'cause negative we act alike. They don't understand the the privilege they had is designed as as like not Hammerfest beauty standards than share they. Don't jim weider. Girls begin body. Done stuff like this. Do you not see seen like joppy say making the comments about hockey am in any river yard for them. Unfortunately but wait a minute some do yeah unfortunately but but then you guys on because they think it's because they don't do it you need to do we love you the way you are you underneath ago. The fed s booty knows no second be bothered by. What i don't like is when when they see women who invest in beauty invest in being objectified invest in being that kept woman invest in being the whole invest in exploiting the the the structures of society in saying. Oh well if. I'm gonna be exploited. I'm going to get your how much money. How much to give the basketball player. The ballplayer blah blah blah. What i don't like is when men use those women. As example to almost illegitimate is what we're seeing. That is the structure like. They was like women do that to themselves. Yes there are some women who play that role who exploit the the way. The world is is like black people they know. Racism exists so they will try to exploit the you know research white respectable ideals and get money looking candace owens. They try to do these things to try to get money and work that system. That wrong fucked up system in their favor. I'm trying to get degrees. I'm trying to be this. i'm not trying to. I'm trying to be a clarence thomas. I'm trying to be this all day. Everyday person and not wear bonnets and do all the things that i think is respectful so the white people can respect us. And we'd get where we need to be although things. I think that people do that. It's the same thing women's some of them do what needs to be done so they can succeed out here and get money successful and play against that and and that's the different degrees like some of them are extremely your gums and and some of them are some of us. Do it subtly. I wanna live. You wanna look pretty. I wanna gear. I you know. I wanna get a perm. I want to see when i when i go to the job interview. I'm not gonna wear by natural hair. I'm gonna when i go to the when i get i may wear my natural hair all the time but when i get but when my wedding. I'm getting a flat iron. That says something when it's an event i'm getting straight. The straight is worse special occasions regular deg. Having natural can be proud and say oh. I'm natural that adopts. But every time i see every time i come up. I'm choosing to straighten curly bumpy. Da da that says something and sometimes it's subtle and sometimes it's more extreme like i'm going to get my boots. I'm gonna to give away subbed in and i'm going to the club without a ballers indicated us sometimes it's extreme and sometimes it's subtle and so but that doesn't mean when we tell you niggers about what's happening in the world when it comes to sexism when it comes to You know y'all objectify us in a misogyny end up positioning are put us in just because there are women who play to those exploits doesn't mean that the system that we're talking about are not real. I hate when they act like it's not real just because other women uphold those misogynistic patriarchal sanders. We talked about this in our um toxic toxic immunity episode. It doesn't mean that it does. Those structures and systems don't exist that are pressure women just because some women go ride with the way. It doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. So i hate when they say that it doesn't exist by by and using women as an example if have opinions about it listeners. Make sure your let us now. What your opinion is about. You know surgery. What do you think about This crazy this body craves it's always something it's always everybody. Some people was getting boob. Some people as you know there's always some type of surgery crisis happening in every generation Yes so let me know which i think hashtag.

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