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Our basic civil rights. This is a plan by the Republican party. Make no mistake to overturn Roe v. Wade and turn back the clock on women's reproductive, civil and human rights, America's birth rate is dropping fast one big reason fewer teenagers are getting pregnant. There was about a two percent decline in the birth rate from twenty seventeen to twenty eight thousand you may say look is only two percent. That's not that big. But two things are important here one that's a that's just in one year. And this is a fourth straight year that we have seen this decline responded. Elizabeth Cohen it's the lowest birth rate in thirty three years a leading. Fairfax county democrat running for board chairman is now defending himself against him anonymous memo supervisor Jeff MacKay calls the memo a witch hunt the memo suggests Mackay's family bought their home. Through some sort of arrangement with two local developers. One of who made a donation to mckay's campaign now McKay has released a report of his own from his lawyer, saying the accusations are meant to smear his character ahead of the democrat primary race for board chair two of the other Democrats running say they were not involved in the memo the third opponent developer, Tim Chapman has refused to save. He was involved, Barbara, wwl and wwl dot com. You apparently gave the credit card arrest last month. The Commerce Department says US consumers pulled back their spending April, particularly on clothes appliances and building materials sales dropped point two percent. After a significant one point seven percent jump in March sales also fell in February after rising in January. The figures suggest that Americans remained cautious in their spending despite steady hiring and decent wage gains lately. Car sales fell one point one percent in April sales that electrons and appliances stores were off one point three percent point two percent. Clothing stores. Scott, Carr, W w AL dot com. A lot of great athletes came to fame in Montgomery County. Now, a move is on to recognize their efforts, a hall of fame would be a really. Amazing way to thank them and honor them and celebrate their achievement. Drew chapel. Finger chairs in Montgomery County. Sports hall of fame, which formally launched this morning. No one's been chosen for the hall yet. But some obvious names include Olympic champions, Katie lucky. Dominique Dawes Washington. Senators. Great Walter Johnson and Redskins. Great Shawn springs up next, traffic and weather on wwl Fridays are dago.

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