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Is the team leader for Samaritan's purse the organization that set it up we are going to take over flow of patients if we can call Matt for some of the other hospitals our goal would be to get them off of the ventilator and them on out of the hospital new York's governor wants out of state medical professionals to come there if they can because the city and state are overwhelmed thirty two states have stayed home mortars Florida not one of them although several areas like mine to have their own governor Ron DeSantis is getting heat for refusing to do it state wide CBS's Manuel Bojorquez has more we want to win the fight against Kobe eight nineteen Florida's governor is ordering a handful of counties to shelter at home including the state's largest Miami Dade and Broward which already have similar orders to begin with this is the time to to do the right thing less and all your local officials but critics point to scenes like close to beach on one side and open one on the other to show the piecemeal approach may not work still officials in counties with restrictions are making a point of enforcing them what if you could use and re use a protective mask CBS's Dr David Akers says the technology is here this technology from Patel in Ohio is a basically a room where you can put in forty thousand mass at a time and with an aerosolized gas it can kill the virus it's a two and a half hours later you have a mass that can be used again each mask can be used twenty times at the Vatican BMO G. but hello there hope is asking the faithful to pray for the homeless you don't have any place to stay during the pandemic he prayed from inside his home it's only Tuesday but CBS is Jill Slazenger is already looking ahead to the next government jobs report at the end of the week we're going to see weekly claims come in in another staggeringly high number we will get monthly jobless numbers on Friday and this month for the month of March the numbers are not going to look so bad maybe a loss of about a hundred fifty thousand jobs still that would snap a more than nine year winning streak we expect White House announcement soon rolling back Obama era mileage standards for vehicles automotive news publisher and editor Jason Stein says it goes against what automakers have been doing the proposal to roll back fuel economy rules really would be among the biggest step the ministration has undergone to reverse what was an existing environmental policy the amount of product development that's gone into most of these vehicles to achieve of the MPG levels again now you have another set of rules the Dow is down a hundred sixty six this is CBS news you can listen to CBS news radio twenty four hours a day seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com app download it today good morning it's nine oh three we're having some clearing in.

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