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Wgn sports flash back joining us now as long island native in fourteen year. Nfl product played years. A quarterback for the new york jets boomer's size joins me right now. Boomer thanks so much for coming on the show my pleasure. Thanks for having me. Bouma used to hearing you give your analysis on the gains and i certainly want to get your thoughts on on the jets and just a bit but i actually like to learn a little bit about you and i'd like to start off taking back to your days growing up on long island you grew up in east islip. Are there any memories that stand from playing maybe not only football but any sport stacked maybe a teammate or a coach that influence on you. There's no question that my high school baseball and football coach who was the same in had a profound effect on me as well as the other players that played for him and he created a tradition and a history at school that to this day still stands as his son is now the head coach of the football team. But it was all about you know bringing ethics in toughness and responsibility dedication. He would be very demanding of us. Not only on the sports field but also wanted to see our attendance records. Wanted to make sure that we were going to class. He wanted to say all of our our report cards as a matter of fact when you became. I believe it was a sophomore in high school. He was your homeroom teachers that you could not the school so all of those things. I think that he taught me and most of us felt like he was our second father and most all of our fathers You know love sal. Love the the lessons he was teaching us The and that's why. I'm still very close to not only him but also the school because he gave me a foundation to go on and succeed and i often tell players today That if you're lucky enough to play in that kind of system you should never forget where you came from and always get back. That's very true now as a quarterback plan in highschool is. That's something that you always intended on being a coming out of high school going into college. You played other sports. I mean it was quarterback. The thing that you knew early on that. That was what you wanted to do. Yeah i actually took on the role of a quarterback at the age of ten and little league football..

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