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Welcome everyone to the sports gambling pack. Sean stack in them on a you're in with my partner picks, Ryan real money. Kramer, what's up shown, what's up, Brad? Everything's everything's dandy. Just got done with a nice soccer practice. Got the blood flowing area did some wind sprints with some eight nine year olds the have to beat them is that part of shown them who's boss, showing them. What an alpha looks like oh, it's huge really race. But I run every leg and they run they run different legs. Every time undefeated for the record. Congratulations. Right. Yep. Someone's winning in my world someone's waiting in your world, and it's not the Virginia Tech hokies. But we'll get to that. And second joining us in studio for our final four preview. The man the mid the legend Cova, Dan AK is dangerous. What's up what's up database terrible terrible bracket for me guys? Terrible bracket. How you guys doing awesome man, is is this a preemptive strike is that what you're doing? I had money on Purdue. Loser. Amenabar this hotel bar, right? Interesting and details bartender gambler put him onto the podcast, by the way thing. Oh, yeah. And you know, he's he's telling me I got this in the bag. I do think I got it in the bag, you know. And then that craziness happens when they send it to overtime on that fuck and cockney me bullshit, Cisco unleash the dragon. Then he goes that. I thought it was gonna lose it. And then look we're down by one with thirty five seconds left in overtime. You tell me I don't cover four and a half point spread Kramer Ellis per daddy's are bad beats. But you don't talk over Sean when he singing the. What is wrong? That what? Among the bartender was a gentleman. He said, it's the worst. He's ever seen in gambling history. And he bought me two shots. Keto won back to back kudos to the bartender. But we have some news, right? Oh, well, what news I will get to that news show other childhood anthem was lose yourself by him. An I will get to that news in a second. But I just want to give you my experience of the Purdue gene game because I was on the opposite side, you just play the cash register known as the correct side three and one ATS hit the dog MSU, which you also did Kobe Kramer three and one hitting his dog. But I was I was looking at the phone saw saw the end of the OT, and I was looking at the phone because I was at the movie Rudy now. I know what you're thinking what the movie Rudy. That's twenty five years old. Exactly. They did a twenty fifth year anniversary screening of the movie Rudy with a live orchestra. And my wife had never been there. Never been. She had seen Rudy. Oh, no, she'd never seen. So I gotta take to Rudy for the first time pretty bad ass. I made up for eight years of not crying in one hour, do and I feel like she should love you forever. Now. Do you understand me? Now, do you understand who I am? I get the news about Virginia much in the end of the game on my phone while waiting in line to buy a maker's Mark you didn't see the way it went down. Then. No, I was watching my watching sorry. Happe- space out. So I was watching on my phone like awesome. Then I immediately get text for my brother or speed of all time. He was on Purdue that explains every. Other is a sneaky much. He was the author of one of the greatest motions of all time involved. The Aaron Rodgers. Oh, hey, the getting hurt Dan coming back leaves the casino. Rogers comes back on Bax, read style. The first game of the NFL Sunday night week one bachelor party. Husband Bush has some has some competition. He does. But I get this get this text my brother where he's I that was the worst beat of all time. And then he goes, I'm not even mad. I'm just honored. I was a part of it. He's he's going through the historical precedents, dude. There's like eight seconds left in the game. Purdue has the ball down three..

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