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The charles as anticipation goes. I'm actually going to say a three. I think a lot of the stuff that monkey pox productions jordan feels production company. That he himself does not direct as historically not really been all that great. I think he kind of the brothers when he's helping out as a script. He saves all the good stuff for himself. He he says is the good stuff. So i'd say three on anticipation enjoyment. I would say three as well. There are a lot of things. That sort of isolated. I enjoy a lot of great acting from great actors in there. I love ya. I love tony. Perez is wonderful and Coleman dingo is always great and then. In retrospect two or maybe even just the more i talk about it. The more the holes widen. So what the f. Cullman domingo right. And i i'd be interested to see more firm near dacosta. I think we've kind of come upon here. How this is conflict. To the heart of the film creatively. And i think some of the aspects that clearly are her vision at some of the better aspects. And if he doesn't see what she does next but now i guess she's gonna be even more handled in next movie. Because that's a marvel movie captain marvel sequel so cra- vision expand in the models. Well we'll have to read three of us and a couple of years time to see how that goes down but listen that's his candyman. Hello sounds like maybe you should go and revisit the original relevancy this new one. At least that's what we think next. We have another new release heavily delayed so charles. This is an old film gave talking from the states. This is shaun durken's the nest k bits of plot synopsis. I charismatic entrepreneur. Rory jude law relocates. His family from the united states to a chilly sprawling country house in england with dreams of profiting from booming nineteen eighties london but says his wife alison kerry coon and their way with children struggle to adapt to the complication of this new lifestyle. The promise of lucrative new beginning starts unravel and the couple again to face the unwelcome truths lying beneath the surface of their marriage. Now before we dig in to the film we were very fortunate to speak with sean durkin. So let's have a listen to that interview kicking off with some of those amazing details in this transatlantic movie referring a cost the fact that sean decking himself is a bit of a transatlantic person himself having grown up in the uk. Sean thank you so much for joining me. In chatting about the nest. Martha marcy may molina and everything in between i suppose to start with the nest so remarkable about it for me is this transatlantic quality. It has the heart. Of course you have this. British and family traveling from america to the uk in the mid nineteen eighties. And i'm aware of course that you yourself and your family went through a similar journey the opposite direction when you were a kid. i wanted. How much of that. Experience informed the film. Yeah definitely A major major way. I mean you know started from a place of coming back to england to do. South hadn't been there in twenty years basically And i noticed how When i left. England england in america very very different in feel and when i came back they felt much closer and so i think that was my way in and then just reflecting on that time and Wanted to make something about it but also wanted to explore what moving major moves due to a family. I mean i moved a lot more than more than this that that time. Remember every couple of years almost and and I guess. I haven't really seen anything about that in in and just wanted to get into you. Know the detail what kind of effects a move can can have. Yeah i suppose. I at that point when you did live in the uk moved. How much had no british cultural influences informed who you were Who were responding to and point. Did you know you wanted to tell stories or anything. Like that. y- absolutely. I mean i was english. I mean i in you know. I feel more english than american end It's all that. I really knew or remember moving when i was i. Think three maybe so Yeah and i was already. I was definitely already telling stories in a way like i used to write little stories in illustrate them I mean think about it. By the time. I was ten. I was starting to pick up my family camcorder and make some like little Short films if you call them that with with some friends And i remember remember this moment of going over to. A friend's house is older brother. was doing claymation in the she showed me this. He had these like two klay. Robots in one shot a laser at another an animated disappear in. That was the moment. Like that's probably the moment Do this. I wanna make films. But i now that necessarily could save at the time but Yes so we started started playing around with sort of in camera tricks To make these shorts and let's move on to talking about casting and performance because that's definitely something that unites both mosimane malene and and the nest incredible performances in lead roles and supporting roles. And could you explain lead us through that process from when you've written a script so you have an image of who they are from the page and then going out and finding the performance who will be on screen performing so yeah When i'm writing. I try to keep really blank slate I don't often right with someone in mind can create person And the place. And then once i find the person or the place. It's like everything that i had imagined goes away like. I can't remember what it looked like before. So like with the house. For instance. I have a very detailed imagination. An imagined version of the house with the second. I see the house at like. Replaces it in my brain in castings sort of the same Open Attached to ideas of people and really try to find the characters on the road. So it really use my casting. Directors can really really trust them in in collaborate with them. So i don't like to make decisions also till they're involved in the conversation so so that's often where it starts conversation with a casting director And yeah and Also about balance always wanna you know. Wanna find the right person for the role no matter. What whether it's it's a name to get the film as or it's a you know an unknown actor. Having getting their break like having a balance of those things is really important to me. Everything that i do. I worked in calcium for years and just saw these great actors. Great young actress. Who just like weren't getting their breaks and i could see that they were. You know the most talented people coming in the room at but because they weren't famous. Yeh other people getting roles ahead of them in you know now. Gina twelve thirteen years on from working there that the all those people of their own. Tv shows in its work worked out find for them but but it was trying always trying to to do that to like have fresh faces in new people so that balances is really important and then in terms of just the individual character. I think i just look for something. It's kinda hard to to to put words because it's it's quite instincts. You'll i guess it's i can emotional reaction So i kind of know what i'm looking for but couldn't necessarily define it i just sorta no when i see it and honestly usually tell if someone's auditioning come know them thirty seconds like there's There's like a a feeling that like they just sort of someone like embodies. what i'm imagining in Gets it on a level And like that's what happened with lizzie with more of the.

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