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And the rally, here is Charlie. All right, thank you very much. Lots going on. If there was ever a day to keep it locked into Bloomberg radio, this is at meta platforms. You mentioned that Carol up 27% but the year to date number up 62% now on meta right to the numbers here we had the now positive moments ago down now by one point little changed, S&P up 74 up 1.8% of the big story, the NASDAQ composite index now surging 446 points up by 3.8% that has stacked 100 index outperforming up 4.1% Russell 2000 up by 2.4%. Ten year yield 3.39% with a two year yielding 4.08%, spot gold dumb, 1.7%, 1917 the ounce and West Texas intermediate crude oil up four tenths of 1%, 76, 71 apparel on WTI as for the overall market backdrop following yesterday's J pal news conference, Danielle Demi martino booth is chief strategist at quill intelligence. Financial conditions have given back everything all the way until February of 2022. It's as if the fed has not hiked up one basis point. Forget 25 or unusually large 75 times four plus 50. Plus 25. But he did say that he anticipated that in time ultimately financial conditions would reflect his restrictive stance of monetary policy. Again, yes, it was just wishy washy. Nothing wish we wash you about meta platforms up 27% right now. And by the way, coming up three 30 p.m. Wall Street time major interview here on Bloomberg radio, which you can not ignore. Bloomberg businessweek interviews arc investments, Kathy wood, no doubt will be asking her her thoughts on Tesla, her biggest bet, the ark innovation ETF surging today we've got arc up now by 8.8% Tesla by 7.3% arc by the way up 45% year to date. And that is a Bloomberg business flash. Write

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