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You know you throw her to macy barber. Give her fight mec- barber have her fight. Miranda maverick how your are you banks marand. That fight makes a hell of a lot of sense to me do that. She does that to miranda maverick. She can fight cynthia caviar the week after a. Yeah no problem. No issue no issue with that. But we're not putting your title contention after beating the least read. I'm sorry unc report. The matt has spoken the doors. Open for you to respond in my. I will give you a mike check segment. If you'd like to respond to that passionate retort from mike matchup suggestion. Thank you michael. Thank you report is well. I'm gonna show one more thing one more thing. She's got him. I go ahead mike. She's gotta make way for that fight to again. You're right you're right you're right. you're right. She she nailed it the first time you're right we don't know if she's in the clear yet but she did make it. We should say again one. Twenty five on the brayden o.'neil coming in with First of all. I wanted to read his san hagan score. What did he say about sandigan. Here i really got a screen. These better somewhere else just says. Oh just as sad hagan. Maverick roth of course yanez versus martinez winner. Emma volvos duplicity hulu say versus tony gravelly. And mickey gall versus diego lima. Yeah i like that. I think all wins. That one. But i do. I do like the thinking behind that match. Brett mobley this is what i meant to read score all. I'm sorry this is my those are terrible. He says i i personally had it. Forty eight four hundred forty seven corey but it is tough for me to remove bias because he reps colorado you rams that was adding that infrared by the way britain on anytime you hear me. Say it goes. Csc rant. it's me saying it And then anyway he says by the end of the year With a winner in the next title. Shot so okay. So he's removing dillashaw from this equation right now. He wants to eat. Thinks hagen are. The guys should be fighting to be number one contender. I think that's what he's saying. Maybe he missed saint tj. Oh no. i'm sorry. No he met tj. Because he later clarify san hagan. Cruiser molly and then Elkins versus choi. Maverick versus saudi of motto I mean andrew. Lee dave hagen can get off and he goes completely off the reservation here. He's a sad hagan versus was going to this verbatim. San hagan verse holloway. Does this makes sense. No does already have a fight in his injured. Yes because me as a featherweight debut in the afc as a featherweight sometimes we just try to have funds. This is not even the dumbest max matchup. I tried to make in the last two weeks so we should at least think about it. I can't think of fighting the entire sport. that'd be more fun than this one. So who cares if it doesn't make any sense at all. Thanks liam barry logic. Great suggestions versus grants ricky golf versus the brian. Barina jason wit winner. July thirty first versus. Tom breeze brennan allen versus cana near cast alum loser so potentially seven eight guy for bet analysis next fight I think he Liam had a place for this. I should let him have his word. He says oh my gosh chesapeake okay. Oh he heard. He doesn't like strickland. You met orsha bosnian. Serb strickland too soon. I fight and after the first by excuse me and shabazz needs a lower ranked appointed to gain confidence. So that's why he went with Possibly gosselin or cavalier and Elkins versus to gov tagab is injured. He had to withdraw from a fight recently but it was maybe a couple of months ago which as i said earlier it was like in my mind is like two years ago. So maybe he's fully healed by now locked to gone coming in with elkins versus brian hall to and he just says because why the f. not he didn't write but you can figure out what he meant. Eight no expert. coming in. With eight expert picks i guess elkins wadoux bothersome. Immune as gall versus key non song Houliaras savers cody. Stayman eubanks for still larosa and he says bell beata versus lipsky. And i added this. I don't know if he knows that they fought before Also lipsky is a flyweight. Now beat a drop down to one dean on saturday for the fight with hannah. Goldie and Let's actually beat to when they fought in may twenty seventeen case. They'll be thirty nine. She beat she won by first round arm bar. So i don't know if you're calling for a rematch hainault expert. But i'm just going to say you are. You guys can pretend all those notes. I just said we're we're for maino expert. Well done sir. Creative matchmaking I just don't know awake last four corner sports and why janas versus young song. He's kenny loser. Outcomes versus wants to and we've talked before and corey san hagen versus aldo or crews. He's corey many to take a step back. he really wanted mihrab. But that's too far back. Ideally corey face. A someone who moves a lot like crude but also someone who knows that a kick and blast you vicious kicks. Although i don't know if i'd say although in cruise movie like But he's another win over legends. Corey can ride the randy organ theme the legend killer Thomas collins the only person i i recommend this bell beta versus kayhan's okay. They're gonna make sense. I think markets mcgahey calling this. The the these judges am i right addition of onto the next one Biographers david grant. John john castenada evolve jordan right. Mickey call gabe. Green belt beat the base the paulo winner next week. Excuse me this coming weekend. Very very velveeta bill bell. I am ninety eight percent jeremic. I have said velveeta instead of velveeta at some point during this guest. I saw a lot of velveeta boxes on twitter. Can you not you just hear a damon said like i. I'm hearing velveeta every time every time they say here's bill vida Beat belbey ta versus pollyanna. Battalion banked antena shevchenko. Like you said you want to see and golfers claudio silva for a nice be. Jj battle or re book a fight. With mickey gall and beza says once the by as a bounce back or gall wins that kind of gets them up the rankings..

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