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You know, people will be there for several days. You know, they'll be drinking. It's completely unacceptable unacceptable in modern cycling that the fences are only place for the last four k. this is the biggest most, etc. Etc. He's asking Johan the way I read this for barriers all the way up. I disagree you can't. First of all, you would have a tenth of the people there when the barrier start there, no people, nobody wants to be behind the barriers. They wanna be. Now they want to be running alongside, and this is where we just have to find this balance between the fans, whether they're partying or not, and the athletes and whether you like them or not. Just you wanna be on TV. You want to dress like borough, you want to do all these things. Great. No barriers, but come on, don't punch. Anybody. Don't spit on anybody. Don't throw urine. Anybody. Fuck have some respect, but we have to find this this balance between all of the passion that's out there in the sport. Agreed. I mean, it was a bit inconsistent yesterday also that we found it odd that those barriers at the start of the climb, which I don't think we've ever seen before and then to have a section like that. No barriers. I mean intentional new believes Harvey was probably close to two hundred. That point is no way like land teddy can react somebody touching the bars and we lost the favor of the tour de France. What are the rules with fan interference? Whether it's knocking you down or their articles or other? Well, there are there's the rules of the law. I mean, you can't just walk up to anybody, then salt. I mean, Eddy Merckx was was punched. This is very, very famous incident. I mean, he was punched in the tour enforced out. There was a lot of news reports that Chris room was punched yesterday. Spectator was arrested. We went and found the video. Now, I would argue that that if that's a punch and somebody got arrested, there ain't an prisons and France to put all the people in jail that we had. To ride through. It was more of an aggressive push nonetheless. No need just. No need for that. So if the crowd literally, I mean, we see how sometimes there's barely enough room for a single rider single file to get through there. If the crowd stops and there's a split, what? What is what happens? You know what I mean? Like if it literally stops after the first eight guys go through right as the crowd interferes. Yeah. I mean, that's this danger. There's crashes and you know, sometimes people can react quick enough, but it happens all the time and the the crowds are part of the tour de France history. But like you said, sports have all been. I don't think our sport has done a great job and keeping up with that. Was there ever a rider that you guys recall? It just would never take any shit from the crowd and would fight back. You're looking at them. At right across. You've had to shove a few people out of the way, right, you know? Yeah, yeah. They, they look. They almost always get out of the way. It's not. I'm not. And by the way, there's also people that run alongside that say, really amazing things fans orders. Honestly, I mean, they get they ninety nine point, nine percent of time get out of the way. And at that point in the that you're not even really focused on them, you're so focused on staying on the wheel attack, whatever your goal is for that day, that the crowd is just that's just part of it like you're just pedaling at that point. So let me ask you this George, Hamid because you have a lot of friends a note because it you very popular. Everybody likes you a lot. You regular people like you not just bike eeks. You know, you got a lot of these regular people that live in South Carolina. Like how many times if somebody come up to you and said, dude, what is it like riding through all those people isn't that?.

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