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And of course, rob ends up telling her, well, I don't care. I wouldn't love. I wanna fall in love, and this is really stupid to me. And again, we're seeing more sprinkles of. Of rob. Losing the grip when he held it. So tightly of him winning this war because now fuck he wants, you know, Jamie's gone. He's going to marry this girl. Go back on the fray word, and we end up finding out unfortunately in season three what happens because of that. But until then it's happily ever after moment for Robb stark. As soon as that, we see Brian Jamie, having more of their relationship, and I love how Jamie just constantly making fun of her where they're having the conversation, and he's like hold on have you ever had sex before. Wait. You're a woman like being a total Astle, which I love very much status is now totally defeated in angry chokes out Mila, Sandra and says what happened you know, what I was supposed to win this war. And she's like, well, the Lord alight says you did and I still see your future here. And again, when you jumped ahead above me, just a little bit you brought that line where she's like, well, listen before this is over you're going to betray your brother, your family, your Bannerman, and everything, you know, love for this cause but you're going to win so come over here. And let's let's look at the light. And they end up seeing the light. And that is the end of that part. Danny goes back into the house of the undying. And we don't talk about this. Much, and I feel like a lot of people forget about this moment Christian. But we see the flashback in the future events of her walking into winter fell. Where winner has finally come or so a Macy's anyway. And then we see that great scene of her and dro- go with the baby. And I didn't realize how emotional scene was and give it to you here for you to explain it further. But drogue oh was saying, you know, even if this was a dream. I'm going to kill the guy who wakes me up, and I thought that was super touching. Yeah. The whole scenes, really great. But I think again what it is. It's a crossing the threshold for her character moment like now, she can officially say goodbye to all that shit. She's also gained some agency while being in Carthage she learned how to kind of manipulate and play that game. And so it's a really important scene. It's like what could have been what will be again like the whole show is about four in the road about making a decision. And I thought this was like a really articulate and like cool interesting way for them to kinda show that but also it's it's the last version of old Danny in a young naive teenage Danny who didn't know how to do things. This is the moment pretty much going forward where she's not that. I any more. It doesn't make a perfect. She's still flawed. She still has to learn how to to lead into rule, but she's no longer like hapless little girl. She wants was. And I just thought that was such a great touch. Absolutely. We end up finding out that winter fell is now officially burned down gets knocked out after making that great speech. I don't know if it was this episode episode eight now, I think. It was ten the iron his his people actually give him up to Ramsay wind up finding out later seasons or in the upcoming season. But for now theon is wholly loss. Winner fell is burnt down the land sorts have one. How did we go from the beginning of season two were everyone was going to defeat the Lancaster? So well, they're on top. And they couldn't be any higher with the merging of families between them and the Tyrol's, and we also see going back to aria the introduction of Jacqueline Hagar and after the three wishes are granted. Right and aria and Gandhari Haapai escapes that we see Jack in Harare changes face. And he offers the coin and tells aria, hey, next time, you.

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