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A winter storm continues to impact the tri-state with the new report, I'm Sean Gallagher. It's the area's first significant snowfall in four years in the state. Transportation department was ready for it owed odds. Brian Cunningham says they will be working long hours to plow and salt roads working essentially, twelve hour shifts. We have one hundred thirty crews out across the district, and we'll continue as needed as this role did. And once the snow moves out Cunningham said their job is not done. What are the things that will be watching on the back end of it is freezing? And there's speculation that freezing rain it'll be coming in. So that'll be a an issue that will deal with to improve efficiency. Oh, Don has gone high tech by video is being used with maps in their trucks to find specific roads that need plowed and salted. Now, the latest, traffic and weather together. After a couple of accidents earlier this morning, not seeing any on the major Tri state highways. But if you do see any problems, give us a call at four to one news now the latest forecast from the Exegen temporal thermometer weather center on News Radio seven hundred wwl. A winter storm warning will continue through tomorrow morning. So for the rest of the day. We're looking at cloudy skies with on and off snow showers. Temperatures will tap out in the lower thirties by ten o'clock tonight. Still looking at on enough snow showers with temperatures remaining in the lower thirties and tonight, looking at the snow showers to relax and become Spidey in nature with temperatures falling into the upper twenties and lower thirties from your severe weather station. I'm nine first warning meteorologists Barack Shapiro NewsRadio. Seven hundred w l w it's thirty two degrees right now. A procession for a fallen police officer has made its way to Coleraine high school for reviewing this afternoon. Colin police officer Dale woods procession began at spring grove funeral homes as residents lined the streets. Of the town to say their final goodbyes Woodside.

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