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To coast and students from roosevelt high and all around western washington out of class and into the streets today to protest gun violence and call for change komo's corwin hake reports from rebecca ravenna gathered by the hundreds maybe thousands on the roosevelt high sports field hoisting hand painted signs so silence stop gun violence there should be background check before the nra is allowed to buy a senator at the big picture of a bicep in these the only guns that should be legal meet the new young voice of protest born in the cauldron of the parkland florida school shooting one month ago today made it a lot more real having it being a high school student and having high school students that have just lost their lives i've seen kids in my area who has access to guns and they're bringing those guns around march is taking them from this campus to the university of washington campus for an all city antigun rally many other schools are taking part students tell me their teachers support the walkout but officially their absences from class are unexcused at roosevelt high corwin hake komo news legislation on capitol hill that if approved would allow president trump to send secret service agents to polling places during federal elections as a curator measure that local election officials say they don't want and they don't need in fact has come as pete combs reports many of them see it as an effort to intimidate voters washington secretary of state kim wyman has been studying language and a seemingly routine federal measure funding the department of homeland security she's especially bothered by a provision that would allow the president to send federal agents to the polls at election time really does kind of make me a little nervous nervous why there would be those who would believe that would be to influence the outcome of the election so why even a republican and eighteen other secretaries of state from both parties have sent a letter to house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to mandate the provision be dropped massachusetts secretary of state william galvin calls the dhs proposal one worthy of a third world country p combs komo news komo news time three or four komo aaa traffic every twenty minutes on the fours we say hello to hear jordan ed could afternoon a and tom looks like we have a new crash in renton northbound one six.

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