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Ooh Check out from the top's podcast featuring music and interviews not heard on the radio broadcast at from the top dot org from the top musicians. WanNa change the world for the better and we're here to support them. That's from the top offers leadership training to all of our young musicians and we're out there with them doing community engagement projects across the country. Learn more about all our programs that from the top dot org our next performer on this. Our home studio show is seventeen year old. Alexandra vignettes go from Stony Brook. New York you're about to hear she and I collaborate remotely through the joy of technology actually took several video calls swapping audio files back and forth and some serious listening to put this all together all this being necessary. Of course to follow social distancing protocol during this pandemic. Hope you enjoy as Alexandra. Virginia and I perform C. Show by Carl. Engel arranged by Ephram Zimbalist Only.

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