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Yes. We have, if we're trading back, we're trading out of the first round. Okay, well, I don't want to trade out of the first round. I think the sweet spot to me to trade back to we've done this before, and we know that if we trade all the way back to 32, like we did last time, we're going to lose key, right? We know, here's the one thing I'd say, hypothetically. How dumb do we think Washington is? Because in theory, this pick could be insanely valuable. I don't think they're going to create that picture. That could be a top ten pick. All right, yeah. Look, I guess we didn't talk about lender bong. I get your concerns with pending red shirting, Linda bomb might come right in and start. He's a skills talk, you don't think he played art. He's two 95. He's a center. All right. He's really undersized to play guard. He's a center. We can look at the edge group. I'm really high on Boeing. From Minnesota. I think he's a good player. I think this is a little bit too early for him. I would say if we're going to go edge, they may see tremendous value in David O jabo potential. He's going to be at the home here because of an injury. Yeah. Right. So it's another red shirt thing in, but I could see them doing it. I'm saying I could see the background. Let's look at the some of the teams in the 20s. I feel like we can manufacture a trade down here. We got to be able to. So we looked at this in nice spot, right? Like what if they have interior line needs? They could be coming up for Linda bomb. They don't have a second round pick though. Okay. So unless we're adding future picks. So why can't we do something like 26 90 and try to stack some of their day three picks together, right? Or someone top 100 picks. I want top 100%. If you get some of those day three picks and you can move those picks back up into the top 100, right? You can take one 27 pair it with one 31 and move back up like the Patriots. I would honestly rather do this at that point. All right, I guess we could compromise if you want to compromise and trade it for a future pick. The way I look at it, I guess the trade back in, right? So you can take one 31 and maybe like one 69 from them or something like that. But this is now this is too much. They're giving up their whole draft to move a 5 spot. Yeah, that's too much. That's not realistic. You know what? Treylon Burks did fall. Do you think what traded with the bucks last time, didn't we?.

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