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All the women that are are uh you know like laura it's a it's a totally different field today but i'm it is a it is a totally different field and it will it was just scratching the surface when you know when i wanted to do it right i fell into uh my passion um in firefighting and uh um so i was not as a firefighter what was your main job i mean are you just a general firefighter on i hope i will i mean there were engineers tells the tracking round the water there are a whole is there is obviously to the hose and you know and and there were truck is a truck ian we did the latter is adding that it you know and cut holes in the then did that stuff so i was a truckee but um i would we were trained in pakistan fast is that truck go test enough i mean can you imagine i i will when i started in fire department that we could still whitetailed board and there's nothing hitting a tale board in the rain cause seattle and just had a blast loved it i'm not a very good retired person what does one do after going in a burning buildings you know not much now so i just um you know we had a wonderful time i mean i that stories up the galore obviously but i loved firefighting and couldn't imagine doing anything else afterwards except for talking to you.

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