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Start finally saw bohemian rhapsody Joya visit everything everyone says it is everything. I don't know what those critics were are talking about who said it wasn't any good Casey didn't want to go. But luckily there is no Viking game tonight. And he couldn't think of an excuse, and I gave him an offer. He couldn't refuse. After the movie was over. He said, I'm so glad you talked me into that movie. It was fantastic. It just you guys reason why it is it just broke a big box office record this weekend. Because it's in it's six week. And it's like outperforming like, you know, a superhero movies like it's over six hundred million dollars and Rami Malik is everything over Bradley Cooper. If I'm just putting those two actors up side-by-side for for best actor, it is ramming Malik all the way because he is Freddie Mercury. It was just I cannot wait. And so the music just makes you gleeful happy. I saw two good movies as well. Actually, sat three I said dumpling, which just made me so happy. We we're gonna talk about that a little bit later saw hallmark movie with your aunt Marlene with start to finish the one with. Winnie from. Yes. With Fred, savage, whatever that TV show. Learn what were they he plays like the housekeeper and the the sign on St. every already plants a good one. That was a real bummer. Yeah. And then bohemian rhapsody, but it was what was so fun. I guess about bohemian rhapsody too. Was that I forgot how how much like like as soon as Queen hit like in nineteen seventy six when whenever that first song was I mean, we're everyone just that we will rock you. What was their first song? What was it? We will downing. I remember in nineteen seventy five when I was DJ so-called killer Queen. Yes. Yeah..

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