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Isn't a lot of sound when we're weaving. Except maybe the pull over the wool on bill which contained audio cut to a sock. Yates Nut City Duck Dana Tan. I cut day hit duck. A cut cut shy. Hit to cut tuck hit late car. YETI offered sue my name is lily. Hope I'm chill cat and Ravensdale weaver in Juneau Alaska. Mike Clintonistas wish Kim deigned to art. I'm raving duck deigned. Tom From the snail house. I come from both both man's head House and Snail House and my father is late COB. That's eight stitches. Here on the loom we have a chill cat blanket in progress. Awesome starts with the Ravens till pattern. We have chill cat MOTIF so profile face. Some is some split. You shapes that are all familiar. You're in northwest coast art but they have been slightly adapted to be we've -able so we don't go nuts woman. It is hours and hours and hours one square inch can in can be upwards of three hours making the little fringes are decorated with twenty two magnum bullet shells and win. They are moved the fringe they move next to each other and have this rain like sound. We spend two years growing in his babies. Like to say it's almost like a surrogate and then this little being as cut free from the frame where it was woven and placed placed on the shoulders of a dancer. And it's really like watching your child tickets for steps. My mother was Clarisa Resolve. She was renowned Regalia maker and artist. Weaver in her own right. She passed away about three years ago and she was constantly teaching and I had no idea for twenty years leading up to her passing. She was always inviting me to stir this die pot. You WanNa see this blue comes out and some this cool. Oh look we're going to go harvest bark. You WanNa come with me and do this thing and you know. Every time I was like sure I'd love to hang out with you without really fun. Sounds like a good adventure and then she passed and I was halfway done with my chill cat blanket and I was like wait. Don't go yet hold on..

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