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But whatever as long as we're good i'm good. Yeah for an hour good so for now. Oh yea they might get test positive. Wouldn't that be something who i'll be. Pures yeah i know exactly. So we'll see we'll keep an eye on that but for now they don't have any cause for concern and be a said they're touching base with the league to see if there's anything else that you know the team needs to be doing in the meantime them off you notice but a trial and changed his name his last name. His name played on his jersey is now try show inca. It's pronounced strange a thing. I'm pretty sure it's not showing yankah like it's like. It says no better in the broadcast. But i forgot engine and that's what i went. That's not how it spelled. I know but he did that to for because of his dad right. His dad's last name is trisha. All right we gotta talk. Yeah yeah good dad. Some love we have. The top. ten unveiling are the top. Yeah the top. Ten unveiling coming up infiltrate up tim well while they relieve the forty through eleven so we got those and then they released the top ten but not in that order so tom. Brady's in the top ten. We know that we just don't know what position he's in. He's the only buccaneer in the top. Ten wow we just want a super bowl. I know but like all the top ten. Is it mostly quarterbacks. Is there anyone who's not a quarterback in the top town. Hey you deandre hopkins and yeah. He shouldn't be let him. what are they doing. Where is the list here. The list on Yeah i mean there. There's quite a few on the top. Ten that i was like what i mean. How was gronkowski not in the top. Nfl one hundred song score. Absolutely you are correct in seeing the but we should mention devon white got number twenty eight which that is just. I was surprised pleasantly surprised. I'm glad that he's getting the logs. And you know. I almost feel like he has got such a huge personality too and i think with love on like that might have been why he hasn't gotten the recognition over the years is because he's so calm and quiet and he's not yet reserved not as in your face as devon white south. That's probably part of the reason that he hasn't gotten allow that bucks fans no he should have gotten. Yeah that's that's how you knew back when he's nfl. Things started coming out. Wayne fell one hundred. They were just bs. Because davis never on 'em good it's kind of like the pro bowl you like how in the world he's got better stats and luke keithly every year..

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