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Ready to launch us the offer code buxton buxton to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain nancy sounds awesome let's talk about it for a really long time was address again you go to squarespace dot com slash buxton and when you're ready to launch us the offer code buxton to save ten percent off your first purchase do not see you kill that we're gonna pause for this i i did one more podcast gye vodkas now you fucked up podcast out and start listening i took micro found some human folk then i recalled it all while his name as adam buxton live up i want you to do joy that's the hey how you doing port cats adam buxton here boss king in the sunshine what a difference a week makes the whole countryside has transformed lush green blossom exploding from the trees all round cherry blossom over there sort of red blossom over there i don't know what that is nettles there's some nettles as well you know can't have the blossom without the nettles and it's like life though isn't it and it is actually properly hot i'm wearing my shorts you'll be glad to hear and i'm wearing my fleece at the moment middleaged man in short fleas but i think i'm going to have to take my fleece off because it's too warm that would be an exciting film wouldn't it starring nick cage and john travolta as to middle aged men bughouse and crag hopper who get too warm and both decide to take that fleece off.

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