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And he had this miracle shot that gave his patients so much energy and euphoria that they actually called him Dr, feelgood, which just an aside, maybe never go to someone called Dr. feelgood. So with this summit, coming up Jack Invites Dr Feelgood to the White House without consulting any of his regular doctors after one injection Jack is practically leaping across the room without his crutches. He feels on top of the world clear-headed. No pain. So he even asked Dr Jacobson to come with him to Europe. In case he needs another fix. So you're probably asking what was actually envy's magic injections mostly in Fettah means. So. If you're keeping score, the president is now shooting up speed. He's on Royds, downers, narcotics, and whatever else was in Dr Jacobson's shots because even today no one is totally sure what the full recipe. What's but Jack said I don't care if it's horse pass. It works. The thing about amphetamines though is when they stop working, you are in a world of trouble especially if you're trying to negotiate a peace treaty with the Soviet premier. When. Jack. Arrived in Vienna for the summit doctor. Jacobson, gave him a quick injection, and then he was off to the races I. Mean, he was even described as bounding down the steps of the embassy. He looked like he could run laps around the sixty seven year, old Khrushchev. But as soon as they got to talking, Jack was clearly not functioning at one hundred percent. He bumbled his way through the whole afternoon without accomplishing really anything by dinnertime. Even reporters who saw Jack leaving the building could tell that his energy was crashing. And by the end of the second day, well, it's generous to assume that he was going through withdrawals because the only other explanation is that he stripped lost his mind during their very last meeting. Khrushchev threatened is up to the US to decide whether there'll be war or peace and Jack replied then Mr Chairman there will be war, it will be a cold winter. Now this was the exact opposite of what the US was hoping to get out of this event Jack. said it best himself in an interview immediately after the meeting? Worst thing in my life, he savaged me. For a minute like Khrushchev, might have rhetorically beaten him to death a week or two after he gets back to the White House on June Sixteenth Jack. Comes down with a fever I. Mean, he can't even get out of bed. He has to cancel all of his appointments. His doctors are on red alert because when have Addison's disease? Any small infection can potentially be life threatening. So they decide to pump him full of antibiotics and steroids and narcotics. More than usual, but his condition just keeps getting worse for a whole week by June twenty second, he nearly dies. All the while the press is being told that he has a mild viral infection. The public has no idea that the commander in chief is basically on his deathbed. Miraculously Jacks health finally starts to turn around. He makes a slow but steady recovery and when the test comeback they all finally find out what caused this near fatal infection. Aero b-actor clohessy. A bacteria that outside of a hospital setting is usually sexually transmitted. So, the president just almost died of an S. T. D. and the burning question pun intended is who gave it to him? Well, it's a little hard to narrow down because in his downtime between creating international crises and shooting up enough drugs to kill a racehorse. JFK was sleeping with just about every woman in the.

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