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Are not disclosing the exact locations of the general public, saying they don't want people to show up without an appointment. Taylor Martin News 93.1 KFBK this morning Sacramento homeless advocates are calling for Second marriage, Gerald Steinberg and City manager Howard Shanda resigned. Bob Erlend Bush with the sacrament of regional coalition to end homelessness explains why they want the city manager to resign. We need the city manager that's going to move forward, especially the Implement Cities Master plan for each of the eight City Council district that needs to have grace and empathy with people experiencing homelessness. Two people who were living on the streets died during the last week Storms. Mayor Steinberg responded to the homeless union on Casey are a county all of us need to do a lot better on the implementation front. Until now, county leaders decided when to open warming centers for the entire county. But Steinberg says now the city will set its own criteria for opening warming center. Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer has announced his gubernatorial campaign against Mayor Gavin Newsom governor again. The news on the Republican was the mayor of California, second largest city for more than six years. He has raised about a million dollars in the weeks since he launched he is 2022 exploratory campaign for governor will have much more on the recall effort coming up in just this hour. We will have much more on so far how many signatures they've collected and how far they need to go. President Biden says he wants to reunite families that were separated at the border during the Trump administration, and today he will sign an executive order. A B C's Andy Field has details from Washington, First of three immigration executive orders today would try to find all families separated during President Trump's zero tolerance policy and try to reunite them. Another orders government investigate why so many migrants enter the U. S and how to prevent that in their home countries. The third bite in order would review restrictive trump policies and Stored the U. S asylum system for migrants who under U. S law deserve a fair hearing. The mayor of a small city in Oregon near Portland, says the riots in Portland are the result of the defund the police effort. Stand. Pulliam is the mayor of San de Organ, which is south of Portland. Here's what he told Fox News and are featured audio clip this hour. Well, you know, it was last summer that we saw the Portland City Council eliminated $15 million from the Portland police budget. Remove the gun Violence reduction team, and now here we sit. We see the Mayor Ted Willard. He's one day he's getting punched in the face by citizens another he's having to use pepper spray. We have riots in the street request to pick up garbage and remove graffiti is at a 300% gun violence and the homicides were at a 30 year high. This is defund the police. This is a culture of criminality. This is what it looks like. Pulliam says. A recent article in The Oregonian newspaper shows that 64% of local business owners in Portland are in fear of what could happen to their business and one third told the newspaper that they will likely leave Portland in the next 2 to 3 years and that area of the country in addition to Seattle has just been lawless. Or most of last year, and you know, some people are coming out there to protest of their social activism, and they're there to protest. But if you know that there are going to be as many police if you are of a criminal mind, it's you know, and there are people there who are free reign. It's antifa. They've been destroying buildings and they've been reckon stuff. And where the arrests. I mean, can I tell you how many publications this morning have headlines talking about federal agents fanning out all across America, making arrests, associating with what happened on January 6 in the nation's capital, right? Where are the arrests in Portland, where the arrest in Seattle just because it didn't happen in the nation's capital, where all of our decision makers and our media are centered. Folks, it's going on across this country. And why is there not equal justice? It does seem to be a double standards. A complete double standard group should be had the book thrown at them. But because lawmakers were attacked in the capital, all of a sudden that becomes much more important. Then local businesses that have been relentlessly attacked in Portland and Seattle over the course of not just one day, But many, many months, I think, because that's private property and city property. They relied on mayors and governors to go in there and quell that which some mayors and governors have shown a little little need or attitude toward wanting to do that. Where's the federal outrage? I mean, if it's outrageous that what happened to the capital, and it is we get that right and we understand what that but let's apply it equally, and that's one of the that is one of the qualms that people have with Washington D C right now. With the entrenched Swamp. Well, they are focused on themselves as you know, And that hasn't changed. That's been that's true. I mean, the fence is still up, isn't it? Motion D. C troops are still there, right? Oh, they are all right. Let's get you caught up now on your top national stories from ABC.

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