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CBS. So what's with this cooler weather? We're going to talk about that in our six day forecast, But first traffic news here's Kim with that. I know I'm wearing a sweater for the first time in, like, six months. All right, we'll take the Children out about a collision Cam to 6 80 in Walnut Creek. We've got quite a jam for that North bound commute crash before south main injury accident. Couple of cars has been moved to the right hand shoulder, but fire crews are blocking the right lane thanks to sue. Gave us an update on that, as she passed by where the KCBS phone forces backed up into Danville, North bound 6 80 in Hayward Day. We've had the Siri's of accidents. The latest sounds about 8 80 before Industrial Park way. That's an injury crash. All the activity is on the right hand shoulder, but because of earlier problems, South bound 8 80 is much heavier than usual. And we've got the typical is slow and go out of Fremont. For the North bound ride and, ah, Interstate 80 another problem for your ride into Albany on westbound Interstate 80 Wait a terrible crash involving Ah, truck and it took a long time to clear just after Central and now we've got a big rig. Ah, that is backed up approaching that. In fact, it's closer to I would say whether ways for says it's closer to Carlson westbound and in back of ill injury crash involving a couple of cars and a motorcycle eastbound interstate 80 after Davis Street on the right hand shoulder and partially blocking the right lane. Next update at 4 58 on the traffic leader, KCBS. Mancini's sleeper hold six day forecast. We are going to talk cool weather with K P X five's Poul Hagen, the Friday and Saturday rain chances If we've been talking about hoping for all week have dwindled to almost nothing. Still a chance of a couple of Sprinkles or maybe a passing shower in the North Bay, mainly.

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