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On WNYC it is a good luck alerting in New York City today thirty two degrees fair skies we expect high here thirty seven degrees today but we'll feel colder with the wind as the winds gusting to twenty miles per hour with increasing cloudiness and then scattered snow showers are possible later today no accumulation expected again some snow showers tonight and tomorrow should be sunny with a high near twenty nine thirty two degrees fair skies right now on your support for NPR comes our member stations and from Wells Fargo Wells Fargo has committed one billion dollars through twenty twenty five to develop housing affordability solutions for transitional housing rentals and home ownership learn more at Wells Fargo dot com slash impact super with their Subaru share the love event now through January second details on the not for profit organizations that it supports our IT Subaru dot com slash share love it's what makes Subaru Subaru and pro quest creators of pro quest one academic unifying journals E. books videos and dissertations across disciplines and one mobile enabled interface propuesta com slash go slash and PR it's morning edition from NPR news I'm David green and I know well king good morning if you want to know how a kid is going to do as an adult.

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