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By perma-seal romantic new video of Chicago police shooting an armed man to. Death last month are John Dempsey tells us this footage also includes some crucial audio, of the officer who fired the shots That's the audio of officer Dylan Halley telling his sergeant he shot horrific. Augusta's when the man reached for a. Gun in his waistband then we hear Halley talking with his partner Megan Fleming We then she tells him to breathe, then he says he had no choice but, to shoot He was gonna shoot. Augustus had a state license, to own a gun. But not one to carry it in public John Dempsey WLS AM. Eight nine thousand nine authorities say a fifteen year old boy has died in a. Fourteen year old boy was wounded in a shooting. Following a large fight at a basketball game this happened at the Garfield Fieldhouse, in Garfield park folks are gathered for. Basketball tournament there when a fight broke out inside police say in a statement that officers dispersed. The crowd when. Shots were fired outside the fifteen year old was pronounced dead at a hospital Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. Says in a tweet. That a boy possibly eleven to thirteen years old was taken into custody. A weapon was recovered the shooting outside of the Chicago park district facility is now under investigation he has a list. And he may want to use it President Trump's revoking the security clearance for former CIA director John Brennan was a. Frequent critic of the president may be, just the beginning Others were put on notice two days ago Bob. Costantini reports the president. May be ready to pull the clearance trigger again, the Washington Post reports President Trump is anxious. To revoke security clearances for, others who have it. And are critical of him on cable channels or he thinks we're. Involved in starting the Russia investigation the post also close administration sources that the president. Insisted James Komi and others who've been fired and. Lost their clearances be included in the potential list anyway the response from twelve, former intelligence officials in the past three. Administrations coming in the form of a letter calling what was done to John Brennan and attempt. To stifle free. Speech a couple of the president's potential.

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