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Well acea us story for you yes michigan police say that a body found on hugh date as been identified as a woman named theresa lockhart k she'd been missing for six months she's from portage michigan had been missing since may her husband christopher wockhardt was named as a person of interest after police say he was not cooperate with the investigation on tuesday police say that christopher the husband was found dead at his home police confirmed during a wednesday press conference that he had hanged himself he also left behind a message with a map showing where teresa's bobby were oh he admitted to knowing hurry in the note on may eighteen th after he snapped during an argument a snap why couldn't josh powell everybody everybody knows everybody knows you know when you're in an argument sometimes you might snap you might it took deputies in elegant county just a few hours five reasons body because he was a very good map me perk maker as to the note found walker told not only contain a handra map but it also contained a written confession by the husband yeah speaking no bad josh powell in a private investigator working with the parents of missing west valley woman susan cox powell said a utah company attempting to decrypt a hard drive belong to the woman's husband jacques suspected of killing her has made progress but still has a long way to go when quizzed winquist rather investigations is collaborating with utahbased decipher forensics to try and gain access to a copy of one of josh powell's hard drives they started running software four years ago and just recently managed to break through the first two levels of encryption however private investigator rose winquist said that they are in need of more resources to devote to that effort they are now reaching out to amazon hoping that amazon will use its cloud computing platform to speed up the process were hoping to find susan in possibly get others charged with an accessory to murder the cloud is our only hope winquist posted on facebook winquist said josh powell used software called true crypt on the drive in question she concedes there might not be any information on the drive.

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