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Is pitching to a battery you usually walk because he's afraid to throw something over the plate you don't go up to the plate looking the walk that's counterproductive to the whole game of baseball and listen i i get your point go ahead i think it's a good point i think his i think he actually described a pretty well into the idea of analytics i think the the point of the creation of analytics as they should be applied really is the way of identifying players and identifying the value of players in a way that's different than it's been done in the past but but as he points out i think you step over the line when you allow analytics to determine how you actually play the game between the lines once once once the game starts i think in helping the evaluation of players but maybe not in the approach that you actually take to play in the game i i understand the difference i think there's i think there's some merit to that damian joins us you're on ninety four wip damian great show thank you thank you so i want to touch real pick on the thing you try get to my point about sports when he always top three typically wide receiver of all time top new arguably and you have guys like more of an aaronson that are getting put out ballots at the same as him or if before him then i kind of disconnected for me because even though the hall of fame everybody's in once you're in your hands you kinda wanna have levels like warren's taylor should never be on the same level at someone like a jj watt will you get was drained but let's jj watt still playing let's say harry carson a teammate time to get an also do you wanna have you wanna have a different you know you have different platforms plateaus for that just so just so they know even in the hall of fame not everybody is equally skills this is the bill simmons theory that the hall of fame should have floors in the higher up you go in the hall of fame on the or the player and you know what gio should go like you know i'm a i'm a big fan he was my hold on rageous shook his head and i heard things rattling around.

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