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What's going on in the world of crime and take a look at the crime beat this morning down in Louisiana in Bossier City. I guess that's what it's called. Somebody went into a bass pro shop and did what you want to do. Every time you walk into a bass pro shop, they jumped in the ticket. Very, um, Kevin Wise was arrested and went in the tank is part of a tic tac start promising his followers Then he would do it. I got 2000 likes apparently did so there you have it over in England. A guy body $300,000 Lambo last week, But as he drove home from the dealership, it's stalled and he was rear ended. Oh, no. And I know got hurt too badly. But the car was totaled Those cars, although they are gorgeous, looking are hard plastic. I mean, you you were toe just tap into one. That's it. There's things crumple like a paper bag. So that's not good. And then we have this story about stealing stripper poles, which is apparently easier than we thought. There's an adult store in Tukwila. Washington, called Lover's Lover's Come into lovers by some love stuff. Anyways, guys stole a stripper pole out of their last week. I'm shipping is in a box and you put it together. I don't Maybe, but the cops who investigated said quote we know who you are. Because before you stole the pole, you shopped in the store and used your store Rewards Program membership card. There's a rewards program at an adult store. I guess some people go regularly enough. There is a point. That's that's exactly it. Actually, there's a program called Pleasure points, and you kind of want to get $5 off merchandise for every $100 you spend. You also gained access to something called tantalizing. Tuesday's where you get 20% off and quadruple points was Tuesday of the month. And what else? I don't know. My tantalizing He's afraid to find out. The whole store sells filthy tickle treatments. I guess I just would love to see a guy walk right out with a stripper pole over shoulder. I'm taking this thing home. Remind me it's mine. Now, when we come back next in the Sea Morning zoo, some more change is coming to your favorite TV shows. There's an interesting development in the album charts this week. We have a number one album, but that's not the biggest accomplishment this week, and we'll talk about bachelorette and when we can start seeing new episodes next assed businesses open. Peaches. Get busy. Y'all get back to a new version of normal BBB, BBB. BBB. BB C 104 is here for you playing all the hits the 104 The Superdome in.

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