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The I Heart radio ad or wherever you listen to podcasts, Traffic on the tent every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news, 93.1 Kfbk. Lots of sunshine again today with a high of 91 to 95 clear starlit sky tonight with a little 59 to 63 or sunshine tomorrow on Wednesday with the high tomorrow of 92 94 on Wednesdays I 91 to 95. Mac, you other meteorologist Joe Lundberg News, 93.1 Kfbk. And Right now it's 59 degrees at McClellan in Davis. Also 59 degrees same thing in downtown Sacramento and stories now trending On the case became morning news this morning. Leaders of the Sacramento Black Lives matter chapter are now calling for the city manager of Sacramento to be fired and as kfbk sneak a mega, his reports today they plan to protest near his house. Protest, scheduled for Wednesday, is expected to consist of a dyin much like the protest that was held in front of Mayor Darryl Steinberg's home over the death of George Floyd. Sacramento. BLM organizer's are calling for the removal of city manager Howard Chan for taking no action and face of police brutality. Nick a mega hit snooze 93.1. KFBK trader Joe's is responding to calls to stop labeling its international food products with ethnic sounding names came because Jensen Raeder reports trader Joe's actually is going to repackage some of their products. In the latest move to rename the international products. Over 2000 people have signed an online petition urging the company to change the name of products labeled as Chatur Ming's trader, Jose or traded Giotto's. The petition says the labels perpetrate harmful stereotypes. A trader Joe's spokeswoman says the packaging for a nun Uber of products has already been changed, and the company will soon complete the work. Jensen Raider News, 93.1 Kfbk Blaster County's health officer asking employees to stop requiring negative cove in 19 tests for workers who were coming back from Corona virus recovery, saying it's unnecessary and a waste of limited resource is, she says, as long as an employee who has had the virus is healthy. And has quarantined for the proper amount of time. It is safe for them to return to work. Meantime, through the end of July, YOLO County's public health officer says that they're going to be offering free Corona virus testing for residents on a first come, first served basis. Gave the case Angelica Obi Johan has the details will be conducted at a Woodland community and senior center on July 22nd Club West on the 28th. Now the Davis senior centre.

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