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And debris from many neighborhoods. Not just here in Salem. But throughout all of Lee county, Alabama areas still isolated in the wake of the storm today. Congressman Mike Rogers toured one of the hard hit areas along with Smith station. Mayor Bubba Copeland. It's horrible. When anybody loses their life story. Mike is for children. It just breaks my heart. The youngest victim just six years old. Customs officials are calling the situation at the southern US border unsustainable. Fox's Jessica Rosenthal. Has this live Liza's BP says it used to be seventy percent of those arrested were single Mexicans many of whom could simply be returned in February of two thousand nineteen. Family units and company children accounted for sixty five percent of all border patrol apprehensions, and they are from Central American countries and cannot simply be returned border chief Brian Hastings says they don't have the facilities for this kind of demographics change. Shut means we have apprehended and encountered more families and just five months and five days than last year's record total cvt Commissioner Kevin machelandon blames court rulings and asylum loopholes he says, if they know they know if they come with a child they will not be detained at the border. Lisa. Thanks. Jessica apologies and regrets. In a New York courtroom is three men, including a former Dita's executive get prison time for their role in a college basketball recruiting scandal. Prosecutors say hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes were used to influence star athletes choices of everything from schools to shoes and Taylor's the judge called sentences ranging from six months.

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