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Up our sleeves. I thought you just got finished with a huge project for him. Yeah but you know you don't want to blink. You know what I mean. You gotta you gotTa keep the spirit alive. Yeah well this feels like a good place to end this conversation. I think I could keep talking for hours but everything that that is in here is is powerful. Oh good good and I I wanna I want to tell you how valuable you music has been to me. How educational and spiritual an inspiring so. I am very thankful for that. Thank you oh my guy appreciate. Ed and I'm glad I could've helped out along the way you did you. Did you taught me and my whole circle of of people so much so I appreciate that. We'll send them my blessings. I've you know I'm very appreciative. I will and you have a great day. Thank you so much for taking the time and Yeah and maybe we'll see each other down the line somewhere I hope so. Thank you my thanks Robbie by MC Taylor Robertson. Thank you so much for joining us here on the Talk House podcast listeners. Make sure to check out. Once we're brothers that opens February twenty first around the country and check out his Golden Messengers. Latest album terms of surrender. Really beautiful stuff. Mc recorded his side of the conversation in North Carolina Robbie was reported by Carl Wingate at village studios in L. A. Josh you pulled. Mc and our recording yourself in Chicago. And I am being recorded by our co-producer Marcus Zuma at Hook and fade in Brooklyn if you enjoyed today's episode. Make sure to head to our archives for M. C. Taylor's conversation with my morning jacket's Jim James and subscribe to the show. We have some amazing episodes coming up including Maria Band with Chris gathered. That's next week Kelly record alleviate SAS. And George Saunders with Dana spio check out of Talk House Dot Com and on all your favorite social media. Check out our events page. Talk House will be part of the incredible lineup at next month's on Air Fest here in New York till next week a million horn at Josh modell And Brothers.

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Mc Taylor Robertson, Golden Messengers, Robbie discussed on Talkhouse Podcast

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