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A shop a five store locator map widget or something have yan tyler train guests okay tyler train guests created an store map her and he's got a great story yeah if you if you if you google storm the store map her story tyler train guess seat he talks about um kind of how he built it and yeah i mean there's there is this that's actually another way to get started easier is to look for platforms that are kind of accelerating so the shop a fi apps store right now the slack app store to a certain extent a little bit harder to monetize that but shop of fis amazing the her roku apps store places where people are already spending money and they they want additional functionality and are already spending money so if there's shop ovalles subscriptions ninety nine dollars a month and you're like you can pay an extra nineteen and get this this people are willing to do it but normally those start with you know having clients and seeing like they request the same thing over and over and over again right yeah and another person that did this is pippen from pippen's plugins he was like oh i'm guessing a lot of your listeners are still doing like wordpress development and he was just like a regular wordpress developer just getting you know whatever clients he could get building crappy ecommerce websites and you know not crappy in the sense of quality but just like their crappy jobs and he just kept noticing that people wanted um uh what was it at the time alive this is when when carousels really popular and there wasn't a good care cell in and so.

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